Bloody (Mary) Sunday

So, totally not keeping with my “healthiness”, Sunday was an all day breakfast event. We started off with brunch and Cha Cha Cha Salsaria. This is the cutest little Mexican/Jamaican place that is right on the water. With this view, why not go there?

We took Mrs. Brit with us…

Which means good conversation and someone to take a picture of me and my hunny together!

We’ve been dying to brunch here.  We always come for dinner because they happen to make the best margaritas on island. Seriously. Don’t mess with their margs. Hunny rolled with the Huevos con Carne burrito (eggs, steak and chiles in a tomato tortilla. PHEnomenal), while I had to get the Machaca. After living in Texas, I fell in love with Machaca…and they did not disappoint.

I threw down. That plus 2 unpictured Bloody Mary’s, made with Absolut Peppar (the way they should be 🙂 ) and I was set. I lasted through a trip to the zoo and a nap until I needed more breakfast.

That would be an omelet with Portuguese sausage and cheddar cheese with a side of brown rice. Holy saturated fat, Batman. I know. Was it worth it? On a lazy Sunday? Where all I did was walk around and soak up the tropical sunshine? Totally 🙂

Off to finish LOST (I feel like I’m losing my friends!!) and eat some dinner (salmon in blackberry sauce, anyone?).


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