So…I’ve got to say, I started food journaling this past week to get an idea of my eats. My pants have been getting a *little* tighter and my skin started breaking out again. I was pretty sure I had an idea what was going on. But then, I flipped through the pages of my journal and saw it…Ruby Tuesday. Korean Bar-b-que. Ice cream. Banana Bread. And then…insert menacing music aqui…I weighed myself. NOOO!!!! Oh yes, I did.

To give you a little back story, I lost 15lbs after my sister came to visit and I saw horrible horrible pics of myself.

I came out of the weight-loss gates hardcore. I monitored our food intake like a crazy person. There was no pie or cookies at Thanksgiving, no tastiness at Christmas and, by April, we were looking sleek!

And then I quit smoking 🙂 Yay for my lungs, boo for my resolve. I smoked for 10 years and quit cold turkey 65 days ago. 65 days and…8.8lbs ago. I know, I know, better for me that I quit.

So now, the problem of the extra weight. Well, I joined a gym. I didn’t work out through my weight loss. I felt that I had to control my eating problem first. It’s just not good for me to eat whatever I want whenever I want and shame on people that say you can. I want pizza and beer sometimes with an ice cream cone dessert. I do. And I can’t. It’s just not good for me! I’ve learned to replace that with healthy pizza, a salad, maybe a glass of red wine and some fruit!! That’s so awesome and so much better. But, when the smoking stopped, I had to treat myself to a brownie here and ice cream there to make myself feel better. I self-medicated with food. Bad on me.

So, here we go, 8.8lbs of food-albatross around my hips!! I’m getting rid of you again! And I don’t need nicotine, but I will pummel you with circuit training and massaged kale salads 🙂 I know have the knowledge to handle this setback with healthy food and training.


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