A day in the life…

Guys…geez, I had such high hopes for this blog! But, my life tends to take over. I’m the “‘camp counselor” here at the house – I spend my time motivating myself and trying dismally to motivate the husband. I also have a  full-time job in HR and I cook all of our meals. It doesn’t sound like a lot…it’s a lot :/

I read some of my favorite blogs and wonder how people do it! I am truly amazed at people’s time-management skills. Every morning, my alarm wakes me up at 6:00. I’m not happy about it, but I am happy to be employed, so, I get up and make breakfast. The weight has come off with pretty consistent eating, so I stick with it, usually protein oatmeal/bran (I generically call either of those oaties 🙂 ), eggs with toast and fruit, or breakfast cookies a la Fitnessista (love her!). Then, I pack our lunches for the day.

Breakfast is at 7:00, 1st snack is at 10:00  (usually fruit and greek yogurt/cottage cheese or an apple/banana with almond butter and cinnamon), lunch is at 12:30/1:00pm (above I have a tuna sammy and salad, but it could be leftovers from dinner, or just a huge ass salad), snack is at 3:30/4:00pm (since I go to the gym at five, it’s usually a protein shake – 1% milk with Designer Whey protein and a squirt of chocolate). The gym lasts about an hour if I don’t mess around – that’s usually weights and cardio, then it’s home to eat, do dishes and shower my sweaty body. I then pack as much lunch as I can for the next day and then FINALLY try to squeeze in some me time.

As you can see, it’s pretty hectic. Not to mention, I live in Honolulu, so the traffic is…sickening. So, while I absolutely LOVE reading blogs with lots of daily postings and pics of a majority of meals, that won’t work for me. But, I’d love to chronicle my passions for all things food/health/workout-related, so I’ll do my postings on the weekends, for now.

Any readers have tips on managing my time better? I know I can’t be the only person struggling with this!! Any readers period? 😀 I’d like to hear from ya!


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