Birthday weekend…

Yes, it is indeed the weekend before I reach a quarter of a century. It’s a little hard to swallow 25! I really feel like I’ve reached a milestone and I’m not sure if I’m where I want to be! I do, however, have a wonderful marriage and a cute little fur baby and I’m really getting a handle on my health, so, I’m happy as a clam at this point. Birthday wishes? I’d like a new pad (we currently live in a…less than desirable location), a plasma screen for the husband (he REALLY wants a new tv and I REALLY like to see him happy) and about ten lbs of muscle!

We did have a pre-b-day brunch at Cheesecake Factory. While I don’t usually count calories, you bet your booty I Googled the calorie counts on EVERYTHING. I also may or may not have vigorously TurboJam’d beforehand 😉 The husband and I ended up splitting a non-pictured omelet featuring goat cheese, roasted peppers, mushrooms and red onions. We did eat the obligatory homefries and split the english muffin (carbs? maybe, but, I’m definitely not going to deprive myself on my birthday). We also split the carrot cake cheesecake. Holy crap, I was glad I squeezed in the cardio because….um…wow. It was everything I dreamed it would be!

The cute couple we went out with bestowed upon me the best birthday presents a healthy girl could ask for!

Yes, that would be storage containers for healthy food! One is a salad container (which holds four cups of salad, so…almost a complete lunch) and one is freezable and holds hummus/dips and veggies. Too cute! This girl knows me well! How well?

Yes, that’s Cachaca and yes, I’m happy about that! What would the “martini” in the title be without a drink or too? This is currently being enjoyed with some pineapple juice (I am in the tropics 🙂 ). I’m heading off to watch “The Bounty Hunter” and cook up some dinner that won’t put me in a sugar coma. Have a great night!


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