Take that, Barnes & Noble…

Hey guys, just enjoying a bittersweet Sunday over here on Oahu. Bittersweet because my weekend is over and it’s back to the grind for me ūüė¶ Today started off deliciously (like, oh, any other day here?) with lots of blog reading, coffee courtesy of my love and breakfast courtesy of me…

Egg white omelet stuffed with mushies and spinach, then covered in Mexican cheese and Cholula (Dear Whomever Invented Cholula: Gracias from the bottom of mi corazon), sprouted rye toast smeared with Earth Balance and half a succulent melon. It was pretty awesome, to say the least.

I’m surprisingly not a sunshine-y, gotta-go-outside-and-play, beach person. But, to be honest, it’s close to the equator¬†here and I burn big time. The day was spent doing laundry, eating unpictured¬†food (carrots and hummus, protein ice cream with granola, carob chips and bananas, and tofu salad), and staying cool with this stuff…

I don’t work for Celestial Seasonings nor do they pay me to talk them up. I’m just sharing this with you because it’s pretty flippin’ sweet. I love tea and this brews in ten minutes! It says five but if you brew it for ten, it’s way better.

I also headed over to library for free books. I used to be a book snob. I only liked buying new books that had never been opened. I, however, do not have buttloads¬†of disposable income. I very quickly learned to love the library because it has alleviated my brokeness¬†caused by my sick, sick reading addiction. I picked up “Fresh Food Fast”. I found lots of great recipes,so we’ll see how that goes. As the budget tightens, I look for more vegetarian and local food options, as they tend to be nicer to my wallet. So, sorry big chain bookstores with your comfy easy chairs and your overpriced companion coffee stores, but it’s free readin’ from here on out for this kid right here.

Rest of the day’s plans? A beautiful run out by the ocean, some salmon with roasted zucchini hunks and a professional-quality pedicure while watching Legally Blonde. Have an awesome night!


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