Under the weather…

Morning guys! I really wish I had an interesting day planned to share with you but, unfortunately, I’m home sick…so, unless you find gingerbread man pajamas and a good book interesting, I’m not too full of adventure šŸ™‚ Last night’s run was unimpressive (duh, Shayna, go figure) and I got in about a mile and half before I tuckered out. Since I wasn’t feeling so hot, my beloved said, ‘Screw cooking, let’s go grab a bite.” We ended up at zPizza and, let me tell you, I’m not sure if this is a national chain, but it’s phenomenal. They do all organic and you can get gluten-free upon request. I rolled with the daily special.

One slice of Santa Fe (chicken sausage, tomatoes, serranoĀ chiles, red onions, some kind of non-tomato-y sauce, corn), a side salad with balsamic and an unsweetened tea. $7.50 – possibly mainland-expensive, but definitely Oahu-reasonable. I had to follow it up with some Menchi’sĀ because IĀ love froyo. I really do, I can’t explain it. I had a smidge of red velvet froyo with strawberries, carob chips and coconut. So worth it.

Um, plans for today didn’t include a workout, so, go me.Ā  I might throw in some yoga and green tea just to make me feel better. Same breakfast as yesterday and same lunch (again, cost effective. Since I have my hunny with me, I just make a recipe that makes 4 servings. Bam, dinner that night and lunch leftovers tomorrow. Efficiency and economic friendliness is what I’m all about.) And, I’ll be cooking up that salmon for dinner today.

Today’s book – Tales of a Female Nomad. I wish I could say that I like it, but I don’t. It’s probably just me, seeing as it’s well-written and exciting. I’m just not down. But, I’m stubborn and I’m going to finish it.

See you later with workout plans for tomorrow and some more of today’s food…


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