Rest of my dia de infermo…

Yoga did not happen. Green tea did not happen. What did happen? Some snuggling with this little monster:

We chilled, ate snacks and read books:

I’m a Fage girl myself, but the Chobani was on sale, so be it. We napped on and off and then cooked up some dinner. I had to get that salmon cooked, it was at the “use it or lose it, sister” point. I also cooked up some Madras chicken for lunch tomorrow and some Shake n Bake for dinner tomorrow. Then, we had to tackle the light issue.

Um, okay, so we don’t necessarily live in the burbs, haha! We live in a cheap area (and by cheap, I mean scary and not nice) and our crib tends to have some, er, growing pains 😀 We usually handle these issues ourself, or else our landlord performs said repair herself. Not good. So, we had to hit up the Depot and pick up a light fixture, turn off the breaker, replace the ancient (see also, offending) fixture with a new one. And by “we” I  mean my husband. I did get dark chocolate peanut butter cups out of the deal, which I promptly smothered in more PB and then ate slowly with some milk.

I will not be working out tomorrow. I need a break, big time. I’ll be starting the plan in “The New Rules of Lifting for Women”. Naysayers be darned, I need a plan that someone else created or I won’t stick to it. Plain and simple.

I will direct you to my sidebar before I retire for the evening (contrary to the date on this post, it’s 8 o clock at night on the 16th here) I found an awesome blog while I was meandering around the blogosphere and this awesome lady has it going on. Tina @faithfitnessfun is doing a 30 day challenge starting in September and it’s all about self love. I battle with that pretty often. I love Jesus, my husband, my life and my body, but I get down and negative thoughts creep in just like anyone else. Well, this challenge is for me and you should check it out too!



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2 responses to “Rest of my dia de infermo…

  1. Thanks for putting the link up!

    And I think New Rules of Lifting for Women is great. It’s nice to have a plan.

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