Total bust…

Hey guys. Wow, today was a total bust. I headed in to work this morning to get some time-sensitive things done. I fueled up this way:

Ahhh, oaties, my friends. That’s a sweet harmonious marriage between oat bran, peanut butter, vanilla protein powder (I’m all about the whey) and a buttload of cinnamon. My better half likes to mash the banana up into the oaties; I’m a purist. He also refuses to use words like “oaties” and “grogurt”, for that matter. Semantics.

I had an exciting day planned but then felt like crap. I am now back at my home base being cranky and rude and feeling crappy. I just can’t help being a jerkface when I don’t feel good. I wish that I wasn’t, but it’s beyond my control. There will also be no physical activity; I’m gonna work my way through Wicked (not sure if I’m liking this one either) and eat Shake n Bake chicken that I cooked up yesterday with some broccolis and quinoa. Should be back tomorrow with normalcy, as I can’t take anymore of this funk! Have a great night 😀


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