Salad extravaganza…

Happy ThursJersey Shore Day! Oh my gosh, I can’t wait. I love it! I think it’s a crutch for my drama-free existence 😉 Can’t complain about that! As promised, eventful breakfast!

That’s multi-tasking for ya 🙂 I use the protein pancake recipe from the Clean Eating cookbook, but throw in fruits or veggies as I see fit. Today, I used half a can of butternut squash. I also chopped up the strawberries for our lunches.

Too good. I doused them in honey, FYI. Today was long, to say the least. It’s a state holiday tomorrow (happy Statehood Day, any HI readers!), so it was painfully quiet for me. On the drive home, I really thought about cooking, I promise, but my love suggested Z Pizza and, really? Who am I to say no?

That’s the Provence for your viewing pleasure…artichokes, capers, tomatoes,basil. I freakin love this place! You’ll see a lot more of these slices so get ready! The worst part? Tomorrow’s pizza Friday!! Every Friday, my love makes me pizza 🙂 He only knows how to cook pizza, so it’s actually a treat for me.

Next week begins the salad extravaganza! I meal plan during the week and then do the grocery shopping on the weekends. Truthfully, I hit a food wall this week. I’m tired of the same thing! When we kicked off our healthier lifestyle and started nixing old standards and implementing healthier foods, we stuck with a lot of the same things. Grilled chicken breasts, Moroccan chicken, veggies (SO MANY VEGGIES)…over and over and over. So, to catapult myself and my long-suffering husband out of Dullsville (HA! I did. I really said that. I kid!), I’ve decided every day for lunch next week, we’ll have a different salad. If it goes over well, we may integrate that into our daily grind. Any of you have go-to salad ingredients? Favorite dressings? I’m down with the usual suspects, but I’d like to mix it up a little bit.



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2 responses to “Salad extravaganza…

  1. I remember first making healthier food changes and getting in a rut. It’s not fun! Thankfully blogs, magazines like Cooking Light, and google searches can give good options. Although I do still end up eating the same things a lot.

    And I need some trashy reality tv in my life too to satisfy my drama. LOL

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