I have been blessed…

I was reading through my favorite blogs this morning and I got to thinking. I read about these people’s lives all the time, including my sister “The Coupon Goddess”(thecoupongoddess.blogspot.com/). Add into the mix that one of my best friend’s is going to be “Dr.” instead of “Ms.” very soon 😀 It just really had me thinking. I’m sure years ago, without my faith or the patience and endurance that I’ve been blessed with, I would have been jealous. I don’t have a fairy tale life and a lot of my mistakes along the way have led me to the life I lead now. And thinking about it, I have it pretty good….

I love my husband – I love his sense of humor, that he cares about me more than himself, that he asks my opinion before making big decisions, that he makes me coffee every morning, even though he doesn’t drink it himself…

I love weekend mornings when the whole family (um, that would just be us two and Roberta) snuggle up in bed and talk about a million things. We never run out of things to say to each other.

I love my economic status. I have just enough money to cover what I need with a little left over for savings and I have just not enough, which drives me to work hard and be productive, even when I don’t want to.

I love my little crappy rental. I live in a state bombarded with homelessness and my little hovel reminds me that those people out there, who were programmers, nurses, retail clerks, state employees, were not expecting to lose it all. That makes me grateful for the roof over my head and the job that I have.

I do not love Hawaii, but I’m grateful for the beauty here. I really wish I could. But, I faced a lot of obstacles here that have marred and tainted my view of this place. I only like it on the weekends when we drive around the coast, hit up a plate lunch spot, land on a soft white beach and relax in the sunlight. No one but us and a good book.

I’m grateful for my faith. Lately, we’ve been trying to find a home church and it’s been hard. We’re trying on denominations like jeans at the Gap. I’m struggling with it because I don’t see why we can’t just all agree, “You love Jesus? Hey, me too! Let’s take a look at this book His father gave us and discuss amongst ourselves!” I love Jesus and the inner peace He gives me when everything is going in the WRONG direction.

So, I like to read about people’s lives, the day-to-day, their thoughts. I’ve always been a voracious reader and I love to see how different (and the same) we all are. But, I always take time to reflect on everything that I am blessed with and thankful for, because isn’t that the most important part?



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2 responses to “I have been blessed…

  1. This post makes me smile with its beauty and joy. It’s great to recognize the blessings in life.

    I hope you find a church home soon. I know how vital that is. And its amazing how hard it can be to find a welcoming and engaging place.

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