Whole Foods needs to come Down to Earth…

Can I just say I’m glad this day is over! Wow, it was craziness today. Honolulu traffic is bad. I’m sure there is mainland traffic, but imagine 1.3 million people trying to make it to the same place all at the same time, on an island, on like, 6 roads, half of which are one way. Then, imagine that a water main BREAKS at 5:00am right before these 1.3 million people drive to work. UGH! Someone may have been late to work this morning, which may have thrown her off all morning. Just sayin’.

Seeing as it’s a state holiday (happy 51st state-birthday-day, Hawaii!) it was a quiet day. Which sucks. I LOVE to be busy. Thank God my beloved picked me up for lunch. Since I already threw down on a frozen meal (Healthy Choice, you really let me down with your Honey Ginger Chicken. I’m not happy about that), we headed off to the beach and napped away the lunch hour….ahhhh….I went back to work a whole new woman. To make my life even better, I had one of these waiting for me:


What a sweet husband I have – that’s all his doing, complete with a straw in my tea 😉 Lucky for me (and him), he got a little cooking lesson tonight! We’re expanding out from pizza. While I *am* obsessed, I need to eat a greater variety. We hit up my favorite little slice of organic and vegetarian heaven:

My favorite branch of this store is in Pearl City (think Pearl Harbor), so I thought we’d get a leg of the grocery shopping out of the way tonight (that’s not the town I live in and it’s kinda far away). Big mistake! Bed Bath and Beyond just opened and you’d think they were giving away free Escalades! It was hard to find parking, but I managed to go in and lay down the law 😉 I was in the market for wash cloths (does anyone feel like those poufs get REALLY grody REALLY fast?), and they had 14 for 10 bucks! That + Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap = squeaky clean Shayna. I also cleaned up the sales at Down to Earth. Whole Foods makes me sad sometimes with their prices. Why do you need to charge $7.00 for a loaf of bread when I can get it at Down to Earth for $3.99? Egregious, but I’m a bit sea-locked if ya know what I mean, so I have little choices when it comes to the healthy foods that I like.

After the shop-a-thon, I was just too tired to cook up some chicken that I had in the fridge, when outta nowhere, my favorite guy offered to (under supervision) cook up my favorite chicken recipe (Moroccan Chicken, misc Women’s Health recipe circa 2009, if you really want it, I can find it). With a little direction, mission accomplished! I’m telling you, this guy will be whipping up masterpieces in no time!

After alllll of that, it’s finally time to snuggle with Roberta and catch up on Wicked. See you tomorrow with weekend shenanigans. Have a fun Friday!


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