Tastebud Heaven…

Good evening, everyone! What an awesome day over here šŸ™‚ This morning’s breakfast was a little outrageous:

I’ve named them Guerilla Oaties – oat bran, pb, butternut squash, cinnamon, protein powder and a super-trail mix blend. It was incredible. Then, off to do my grocery shopping. I figured since today was Saturday, we’d hit up the farmer’s market.

This was consumed en route. Is it just me or is this stuff rarer than bald eagle heads and fairy dust anymore? They completely cleaned it out of my Whole Foods (um, it’s mine, lol) and I just happened upon it at Foodland.

Who wouldn’t want to go with that view?!? Total score too. They had all kinds of veggies, kettle corn, fresh bread, hot sauces, garden starter plants and body products. I selected slowly and will definitely share my bounty with you throughout the week. Based on today’s taste bud EXPLOSION, we will be back.

Lunch was unpicturedĀ Moroccan Chicken with couscousĀ and then we hit up the sporting good store (looked for caliper, was unsuccessful), GNC (found caliper, $20, ran for the hills), Whole Foods (spent too much money) and headed home to put away all the crap we lugged home.

My farmer’s market haulĀ and my Spam musubiĀ insulated bag (Hawaii Food Alert: Spam MusubiĀ – slice of Spam, sometimes marinated in teriyakiĀ sauce, placed upon a clump of rice and wrapped in nori. I hate Spam. I was a sport, I tried it. I will consume Spam musubis, however, because they are surprisingly delicious. This is one of those things you’ll just have to trust me on). We noshedĀ on a snack before heading BACK out to Pearl City (I know, I tried to avoid this, but I need quarters to do my laundry. My landlord has a washer and dryer attached to my house that is coin-op. For realz).

Chicken Spring Rolls with Maui Hot Sauce. I die. This hot sauce is beyond words. It’s made with Sweet Maui onions and tomato sauce. I cannot describe the awesomeness. My taste buds bowed down in reverence. It was that good. I promise that once I start doing giveaways, THIS will be one of them.

On to Pearl City, where I finally found a caliper that didn’t cost eleven billion dollars and I also picked up this guy:

Has anyone seen these things? It’s kind of crazy. I might not buy the marketing spiel, but I do need a water bottle at work that is BPA-free and this thing has a built-in throw-away filter, like a Brita. I’ll let you know what I think, but I have my doubts. The fact that it’s pink, however, has already made it awesome.

Then, home for food-ness. I have to admit, healthy-food-blog-expectors…dinner was cheese dogs. I’m not sorry. I saw, I thought of my childhood (and if this is a reminder of my childhood, I have no doubt I’ve pinpointed where my food problems began šŸ˜‰ ), and I picked up a package. I even tainted my husband, who said, “Uh, I’ve never had those, but they can’t be good. Let’s get whole wheat buns!”. With a side of BBQ beans, my whole world was rocked. Husband stated, “Why did you give those to me? They were so good, I will now want them all the time.” I’m Eve bearing cheese dogs. It was promptly followed up with a square of dark chocolate (Shayna trivia? I eat a square of dark chocolate every night. Just one. It makes me happy to savor it at the end of my day).

I’ve cooked some lentil soup for tomorrow’s dinner and now I’m about to go make a Breakfast Cookie for tomorrow (if you don’t know what that is, head over to The Fitnessista’s website, stat. IĀ won’t share the recipe cuz it’s not mine, but it is phenomenal, I promise), thenĀ bathe (I may or may not smell like a vagrant), read and snuggle up to the coolest guy I know šŸ™‚ Sweet dreams!



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