Wasting my day…

Hey everyone! What a great day. You know, sometimes I just do what I feel like without caring if I’m “wasting my day” and it is always a good idea! Today started out with an unpictured breakfast cookie, nine thousand cups of coffee and lots of blog reading. It’s how I decompress and that is soooo necessary. I exhibit stress with heartburn, a wicked eye twitch and irritability. I don’t even like me when I’m stressed 😦 Exchange had in our house today? “How is it that I manage to put my underwear on inside-out or backwards at LEAST once a week? GEEZ!”…”Shayna, how are you 25 years old? Seriously now!”

After hours of reading, watching a Kardashians marathon and shredding what my husband affectionately refers to as “my mouse condo” (we, um, had a lot of stuff to shred. We also had a minor rodent problem), I heated up our soup.

This is from the current Clean Eating magazine – get thee to a magazine rack, pronto. The only issue I had was that it was super thick, so I thinned this thing out with chicken broth (thus annihilating the vegetarian-ness. Oops). It was beyond good. Then, insert a few more hours of the Kardashians and some laundry and then it was time to feed again. I grocery shopped. I blew our budget all the way to kingdom come. We have leftovers. And I got take-out anyway 😀 It was healthy though, this time, I promise.

This is one serving (?!?) of Chicken in Red Curry sauce with lime leaves, eggplant and bamboo shoots with brown rice and unpictured shrimp spring rolls (that were consequently soaked in Maui hot sauce). I had the foresight to order one meal for the two of us, as Bangkok Chef (haha! I love it!) is notorious for giving you lots of food. The other half then fell into a food coma.

I had to walk off that food baby (more so digestively speaking) and decided to take the fur baby with us to our favorite walking spot.

What the heck ARE these big-ass trees?!? Incredible.

I wish I could get down with beauty of nature, but I know that friggin rats live in those trees. Ew.

My loves…*sigh*…I have great things in my life.

After our 4 mile stroll, I needed. food. stat. Insert new love of my life…the monkey bowl!

Words cannot describe the greatness – chocolate whey protein ice cream blended with bananas and almond butter, then topped with more bananas, granola and carob chips. I’ve eaten wayyy too many of these. I also know that while this is good for me, the gigantic-ness is not, so we always split this puppy. This other puppy?

…scored some carob chips when I got carried away and entered a feeding frenzy.

This night has ended on a nice calm note – I’m about to make our salad for tomorrow (salad EXTRAVAGANZA), scrub down my sexiness and then catch the new episode of the Kardashians (I know, it’s a problem that I have that I’m dealing with. Excuse my trashy reality tv obsession). See you tomorrow morning with a quick (picture-less) epiphany birthed on our walk (filled with long talks thanks to the lack of electronics). Sweet dreams!


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