It’s my (pot)lucky day…

Oh my. I am tired. But, I wanted to share my day with you before I crash. This whole day has been running late, by the way. Strange. I kicked off the day of lateness by getting up late and then making the most time-consuming breakfast of all time:

Blueberry Butternut pancakes. With very professional garnish, ha! Actually, I had just like, 4 blueberries left so I threw ’em on the plate.

Crazy story for you – our fan died last night and my co-worker (last week) sold me his fan and I was thinking intently that I should let him know that the fan died, which led me to mentally belt out that song “AYE! I just died in your arms tonight! It must’ve been something you said!” or whatever. Well, I go to get in the truck and husband says, “Hey, you should tell your co-worker that the fan died in your arms last night.” HOLY CRAP!! I may or may not have went on a rant about his mind-reading prowess that may or may not have taken place in front of my neighbor who, perhaps, might think I’m crazy now.

 We left the house late (thank God that traffic was decent) and I just made it into work on time…when I realized that we had a potluck. That I didn’t bring a dish for. Great! So, I called the husband to pick up a cake (a pie, cookies, anYTHINGJUSTBRINGITNOW!). Boy, did he deliver. 1 custard pie showed up 30 minutes later. I was not happy about the potluck, however, because I happened to pack the coolest salad for today and I was thrilled to eat it. But…food is really big here. Everyone comes together for food. People that HATE me at the office were nice to me in the food line (I know, right, how can anyone hate me? It’s possible, believe it, just don’t buy into that crap 😀 ). I ended up trucking this back to my desk, guilt-free:

Hawaii Food Alert (!) – picked cucumber and daikon (read: radish) salad, Shoyu (read: soy sauce) Chicken, shrimp cocktail, California roll and a taro roll. Taro is a root vegetable common in the Pacific Islands that replaces what mainlanders would use a potato for. It’s purple-y in the roll above but sometimes it’s pounded into a paste called poi, used it in breads and all kinds of other stuff. This little gem was stuffed full of pork (I die) and then deep-fried. I wish I was ashamed but I may have moaned a little. I followed it up with this:

No words…that’s custard pie (thanks, honey!) and chantilly banana pound cake. Chantilly…ah…it’s another Hawaii thing. I can’t explain it very well because of it’s level of tastiness. As my husband (and our new Miss Universe) would say, it’s saboroso. I guess you can say it’s a vanilla flavored thick frosting-like substance. In this case, it’s spread on banana (I know!) pound cake. 2 bites each and you got a happy kid for the rest of the day.

Insert workworkwork, an unpictured apple, slice of cheese and handful of crackers and then I’m home. I do not have an eventful job. That’s not to say it’s boring, I like it, but it’s uneventful. So, pardon me for glossing over it.

Dinner was leftovers and my salad. I couldn’t let this beauty go to waste! We ate it while we watched Minute to Win It and discussed Shanna Moakler in depth (I told you, I want more quality time with my husband and if I have to discuss a beauty queen turned professional roller skater turned Playboy bunny turned rockstar wife, so be it).

The salad was mixed greens, chickpeas, red onions, mushies, carrots, broccolies, a sprinkle of cheese and some organic garlicky dressing. And the chicken is courtesy of the husband’s impromptu cooking lesson. Unpictured was a side of couscous.

Uneventful night, guys. We settled in to watch the Miss Universe pageant (I picked Miss Mexico based on my love of Mexican things, her pretty face and her booty. She was the only one with a cute booty. Go figure, she won 😉 I’ll be picking lotto numbers tomorrow.), I did a half hour of some Shiva Rae yoga, made our Greek salad for tomorrow and did my devotional. I am now propped up at the computer running on sheer will and a random Coke Zero that I drank (yucky, I know! I never drink soda, but I was a-cravin’ it like nobody’s business. Whatever.) Sweet dreams, I’ll see you tomorrow with more…of whatever you call all of this…



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4 responses to “It’s my (pot)lucky day…

  1. I love chill nights like that. We had one like that last night too and it was perfect.

  2. I just found your blog through the HLB website… love the name! All I could think was “try saying that 10x fast” 🙂

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