Opportunities abound…

I’ve made it to the laptop early tonight! I’m not going to have another late night if I can help it 🙂 What fun news I have to share today (after you make it through my boring and pictureless food)!!

Breakfast was uneventful, I reheated pancakes from yesterday. Lunch was monumental…but there were people in the lunch room and I wasn’t going to explain to my co-workers that I take pictures of my food. But, it was a Greek salad to die for – greens, red onion, cukes, heirloom tomatoes, kalamata olives, shredded chicken and a sprinkle of goat cheese. I wish I had captured it, but alas, it didn’t happen. Insert workworkwork and we’re off through rush hour. Dinner was exactly what I needed:

This was butter was monumental. I picked it up from the farmer’s market on Saturday (and their dairy has happy cows there. I asked.) and was thinking up wonderful things to rub it on. Well, I got my chance today – grilled cheese! I slapped that on some whole wheat Rudi’s and sandwiched in some Jarlsberg. And you can’t forget:

We are loving this stuff! It has just the right amount of seasonings, the vegetables, lentils and rice have a bit of bite to them still, not all mushy like some soups. And, the black bean version rocks amazingly hard as well. All in all, it was nostalgic. I love soup and sammies and it’s even better when my mom makes ’em (cheese of choice? Muenster.). I had to end that amazing meal off with an amazing treat. Behold:

Superdark Lindt shmeared with Maranatha creamy pb. I wish there was an “overcome with ecstasy” font. I would use it right now. This was consumed while watching Wipeout. Hi there, Guilty Pleasure! Meet your doppelgänger, Guilty Pleasure! Totally worth it.

And now, my news….drumroll….I believe we have found our CSA! I know, I know, keep your pants on! I was just as excited when the opportunity was offered to me today. There’s a CSA on the west side of the island and a co-worker of mine bought in and was really really pleased. I did see veggies from another one on the island and I wasn’t impressed. These boxes are full and they come with neat crap that I’ve never cooked with before – turnips, daikon, other Asian root veggies…joining a CSA sounds like living in an episode of Chopped, you know? If you don’t, it’s this reality show where they give the cooks boxes of ingredients and they have to open them and figure out what to do with it all. I can’t wait. I love a challenge. I may also be asking you guys what the heck to do with a turnip. We’ll see!! But the major score is that if 10 of us sign up, the farm will deliver to our office. How sweet is that?!?

Exciting thing number 2…..brrrrrrrrr(drumrolling, bear with me)…we’re signing up for our first 5K!! Again, keep the excitement down to a minimum. I don’t have all the details yet, I know that it’s a cancer fundraiser and I’ll be getting a t-shirt. I love charity work and I love getting t-shirts, so this will be great. And don’t worry, I won’t hit you guys up for money, unless you’d like to help out and then just leave me a comment and I’ll fill you on how you can help 🙂 I’ve never ran a 5K. If you’ve read previous posts, you’ll know I was a smoker and quit back in April (cold turkey, never touched one again, not too shabby, yeah?) and to be able to run is a blessing now. To be able to run and raise money to fight a horrible disease? I’d be honored. So, we’ll keep you posted.

What’s happening the rest of the night? The makings of a Southwestern salad, a good scrub-down, devotionals and then Wicked. I hate this book. It’s a thorn in my side. But it’s sucked me in and I have to know how it ends (probably in a very boring and verbose way.). I need all my rest to avoid our End of Summer work party tomorrow. Yes, my awesome company is throwing a pizza and ice cream party for us. I would love to partake, but there comes a point where enough is enough and moderation won’t cut it. I splurged a little this week and, unless they’re carting in my beloved Z Pizza? It’s not worth sacrificing my clear skin and my almost (but still not) existent abs. Ive prioritized and to me, abs = more fun than pizza 😀

Good night guys!


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