Pic-free epiphany take two…

Good morning everyone! I wanted to drop in before work to share some more thoughts I had with you (despite what that sentence just inferred, I have thoughts all the time. But these ones were important enough to save up for :D).

I was shaving my legs last night and I came across a spider vein. Um, wow. Thoughts started running through my head as I searched for more, bigger ones, varicose veins, the horrors! “How does my husband find me attractive? These are NOT Jennifer Aniston legs!! Didn’t that friend of mine have a procedure to get rid of these?!?” I didn’t even have to stop myself. My id must have done it. I immediately quit tearing myself down and gave thanks for my body.

I have an acquaintance who lost his arms from an IED in Iraq – I am happy to lift weights.

I see people in the park missing legs from diabetes – I am happy to run.

I was blessed with a fine-tuned machine that requires premium fuel – I am happy to eat.

Indigent people chatter to themselves by a methadone clinic by my house – I am happy to have lucid thoughts and I won’t entertain negativity about myself.

This body and time on this planet is precious. Would you ever tell someone, “Wow, this gift is too fat. This gift needs smaller thighs. This present is so ugly! Look at the hair on this present? Stupid!” But every day, we say these things about the best gift ever given.

I’m thankful for my gift today (and will rock these spider veins in some workout clothes later, more to come on that).

Have a beautiful day and enjoy your gift!


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