Take-out deception…

Can I open with the fact that I’m glad this day is done? Whew, it was a long one. Everything started out as usual…me dragging myself out of bed. This little one didn’t want to get up either:

Breakfast was pretty epic. And, for the first time in 25 years, I got both omelets to come out beautifully! It’s the bane of my existence – every time (EVERY TIME), one comes out all wonky.

I’ve aptly named it the Guerilla Omelet (my mom used to make guerilla cookies, brownies – you name, she made it. I could never figure out which gorilla she meant. Now I know.). This puppy had mushies, spinach, black beans and goat cheese and was sautéed up in that pesto butter from yesterday? Holy cow. There’s also a side of toasted millet (that I got straight from the bakery, oh it was good) and some strawberries for me and my honey to share.

I was going to avoid the pizza. I really was. I ate my naner and peanut butter, I was focused on my tasks at hand, taking a visual break every hour to focus my eyes twenty feet away, doing a little stretching….and then I smelled it. It’s like they piped it in over my desk. And then, lo and behold, I saw it. It had to happen:

Pardon the crappy picture, but it was a sneak attack with my Blackberry (I just don’t want an iPhone. Sorry, Apple, but I am partial to the Blackberry, with it’s rolling ball and QWERTY keyboard). Can you believe the amount of veggies shoved on there? I couldn’t either. I had to go down Charlie Brown on it. Also? Note the poor lighting. This is why no one believes that I’ve been in Hawaii for over 3 years. I look like a Cullen.

I stopped myself at one piece and bypassed the brownie sundae station (seriously). I knew that I had my Southwest salad waiting (which went unphotographed because I ate in my vampire coffin at my desk). Then, I did what I said I wasn’t going to do.

Guys, while I’ve struggled with my weight over the years, I’ve pegged one constant. Excuses!!! My two days of going home first and then heading to the gym both ended with no gym. I did yoga on Monday and nothing yesterday. It was too easy to make an excuse both days. Who the heck doesn’t want to make excuses after a long day at work, 45 minutes in traffic and while wearing warm clean jammies? So, I brought my gym bag today and fit in a great workout after work. I’m doing The New Rules of Lifting for Women and did the first workout. It was pretty awesome, I gotta tell ya. All that would have completed the night would be for my knight in shining armor to pick me up and a nice hot meal.

 Well…let me tell you something. Thanks to some criminals, my husband was late to pick me up. Not just 10 minutes. He got out at 8:00pm. I did get an unplanned trip to Borders out of it while I waited around for him 🙂 Score! Who felt like cooking after that? Not me, that’s for sure. It was not hard to talk the husband into Thai take-out (totally worth it, split a single portion, add brown rice).

I’d like you to note that that is NOT red curry. We desperately tried to figure out what the heck it was, but that didn’t happen. It sure was tasty though, I’ll give you that.

So, consensus here is that I’ll head out Wednesday, Friday and Sunday to the gym and just plan for those nights to be something quick – soup and sammies, Amy’s burritos, something. Two outta five ain’t bad. The other days are reserved for runs (gotta get moving for my 5k) and yoga (gotta get flowing for my sanity).

Readers: Anyone have tips for juggling the workout/home life/work life issue? I think I may have it down with minimal gym days during the week. I refuse to go in at 5:00am and work out. I am evil incarnate at 5:00am. I think it may come down to trying different scheduling options and seeing what is the lesser of all evils.

Plans for the rest of the evening? No salad making, that’s for sure. I’m going to snuggle down early with my book and call it an early one. I cannot even keep my eyelids open. Please prepare yourselves for Jersey Shore tomorrow. Good night!


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