Hey guys, happy almost-Friday! This weekend could not come fast enough…there happens to be a BIG festival going on in town this weekend that we’ll most definitely be going to. You’ll have to wait till Sunday to find out, but the title is a clue 😉 Any guesses?

Breakfast was the usual this morning – guerilla omelet. I was asked what goes into my omelets. Well, it depends. I usually start with one whole egg and four or five egg whites. Then comes the fun part! This morning, I used a quarter of a container of mushrooms, two handfuls of spinach, just kind of sauteing it until it all softened. I poured the beaten eggs over it and cooked it until it set up. Then, I spooned on some black beans and cheese on just one side and flipped it shut. Then, I just cooked it, flipping randomly until no fluid came out when I poked it (if you can’t tell, it’s a science 😀 ). I did smother it in this:

Work was a lot more peaceful today! Morning snack was a banana stuffed full of peanut butter. Lunch, however, was PHEnomenal. Of course, naughty blogger, no pictures 😦 boo! It was my version of a tuna Nicoise. Please, trust me, mentally visualize it and then make it right now. 2 big handfuls of greens, 1 sliced hardboiled egg, half a chopped red pepper, 2 water-packed artichoke hearts cut up, 4 kalamata olives sliced up, a handful of cherry tomatoes sliced in half and a can of tuna. I’m sure that you can use salmon. I used that Garlic Peppercorn dressing that we’ve been munching all week? My mouth watered right now just thinking about it.

Just to give you an idea of what I face daily, someone brought in homemade bread pudding and another person brought in moist dense carrot cake. I’ve gotten really good at discerning, however, what my body wants. And it wanted healthy whole foods to repair from the weight-lifting damage yesterday 🙂

This evening I got the perfect opportunity to connect with my honey. I wanted the new Oxygen bad so we ended up going on an Everquest (store after store after store) trying to find the dang thing. Well, wouldn’t ya know we got stuck in rush hour traffic! With nothing else to do, I got 1 pure unadulterated hour with my husband 🙂 He’s such an awesome guy! I also got this:

We hit up Aloha Salads for a hummus pita wrap and their tomato basil soup. I don’t ever try to recreate this at home. Something about the way they do it (all the love and skill?) makes it perfect. They smear their house pita with hummus, then put on cucumbers, red and green bell peppers, sun-dried and cherry tomatoes, I think fresh dill, feta cheese, romaine lettuce and kalamata olives. They put this Mediterranean dressing on it? I die. SO good. It’s so tasty, my meat-eating husband loves it. And we always split the soup; I think it’s a bisque and that can’t be too good for me, so I only eat half.

I did catch Jersey Shore while simultaneously making tomorrow’s salad (it’s a good one, I’ll post it tomorrow). That show is so trashy but I can’t stop watching it! It’s like a train wreck 🙂 A GTL’d train wreck with a blowout 😉 It’s time for me to recharge. Thankfully, I have an 8:30am start, but that means a 5:30pm end time and the gym’s getting squeezed in afterwards. I’ll catch you on the flipside with tomorrows shenanigans. Good night!


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  1. Lee

    Hey Cutie,

    Much better!!! I LOVE the salad recipe for those of us who make salad each night with iceberg lettuce and some cherry tomatoes and thats it. Your sounds like I want to pay a plane ticket to only eat at your house. Hey check out Mel’s blg from yesterday. Since you are a blogger you can get $50.00 target gift card for just putting Mrs. Dash’s into one of your recipes and then posting it on your blog. Couldn’t you use a free $50.00???

    Love you

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