My big fat Greek failure…

Good evening! I promised you guys some excitement. That, my friends, did not happen. I’m so sorry. It started off in the right direction!

Oaties with protein powder, cinnamon and peanut butter aka Old Faithful. On a side note, if you’ve noticed in my last posts, I have a thing for mugs from different states. I’ve never been to Alaska or Minnesota, but kind people were nice enough to gift me with them. Before I die, I’d like 50 mugs. And maybe some territories. Who knows. Will my husband allow this mug-craziness? I’ll take the chance.

 I also made good on my plans to go to the gym. After loading up my Sansa Clip (take that, Apple. Yeah, I own a Sansa!) with new music (although, I’m always looking for more to add to my playlist, so if you guys have any suggestions? I’ll take ’em), I headed off to lift weights. Today was my first day doing deadlifts *gulp*. I don’t know about you, but I get really self-conscious doing new and potentially back-injuring moves. I hate that feeling, but I love muscles, so I just brush it off and REALLY focus on my form. The husband ran in the heat…trooper or misery-seeker, take your pic 😀

Snack was a quarter of a cantaloupe, a hard-boiled egg and a Babybel. By the way, if you’ve noticed the lack of produce in our lives? Don’t think I haven’t. I just have been putting off the inevitable trip to the grocery store. Then, we showered our stinky selves and headed out to….

Greek Fest!!! I waited all week for it! But, there was no dancing, plate breaking, OPA! or much music. There wasn’t much of anything. There went my excitement. Luckily, they had these:

Gyros! We also had souvlaki:

That’s one sexy carnivore 😉 After chowing down, we *almost* got baklava, but while standing in line, I thought about it and decided I’d rather have a juice and get some vitamins in my system. So, due to the lack of entertainment and craziness, we headed out. But we did get to enjoy a beautiful walk on the way back to the truck:

This is when I love Hawaii. And…away we went to grab some juice. I tried to hit up the library, but it was closed (today is not my day?). I did, however, get a Ginger Snap in my life.

I did not color-coordinate my shirt with the cup; that was an accident. I was hoping this (beet, ginger, apple juice) would rush my system, filling me with glee and ridding me of my headache. It did none of the above. It was really tasty though. We hit the casa for some snuggle time with the Roberta and watch The Back-up Plan. You know what? I’m gonna say it was cute. I don’t like La Lopez, but it was a cute movie. Dinner made me a happy camper:

Jarlsberg grilled cheese and black bean soup. Where have you been all my life? So good. I really had nothing go right today, but it’s days like today that I appreciate my sweet husband, the beautiful weather we have here and my contentment. What could have been an awful day was actually a much needed rest day.

Now, I’m off to read Water for Elephants (I gave up already on Wicked. That man wrote that book to bore me to death and I will NOT give him the satisfaction.) and get to bed before 11pm. Tomorrow will ring in the return of produce, perhaps church and a TON of laundry. There may or may not also be a run, depending on how my (deadlift-addled) hamstrings feel. Good night 🙂



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2 responses to “My big fat Greek failure…

  1. Great blog Shayna and I love the food, and how I miss the Chantilly cake! I miss the curries too, especially the bamboo shoot, coconut milk Thai curry. I made beef curry a few days ago.

    So happy you quit smoking, wow!
    Miss you guys and Berta, thanks for the pics.

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