Percolated cabbage…

Sorry, everyone, but it’s a short post today! I had a really rotten day – I don’t deal with stress well AT ALL! I have a tendency to bottle it up until my breaking point. Then, I freak out and cry 🙂 It’s very mature, I know.

 Today, I reached a breaking point. I was so looking forward to going to the gym and taking out my frustration on the weight racks. I don’t know about any of you, but I spend a lot of time with my husband. I’m a “Hawaii transplant” and I don’t really have a network of girlfriends. The time I do spend working on my thoughts and decompressing is at the gym and at night when I pray before bed. Well…I get to the gym and there’s some kind of crazy CARNIVAL going on! It was a “presale and preview” event. What?!? There were tents up out front and scantily clad women holding energy drinks and I knew it was packed. They were letting prospective gym goers take tours and view the activity there. I was NOT a happy camper. I don’t like waiting for equipment and where I go isn’t a very “work-in” type of environment. I also don’t like being watched like a zoo animal while I lift. I called my husband to come get me and…cue meltdown. I was totally bummed. So all the frustration that I would have channeled into a good workout went nowhere. Of course, a few hours later, after I stewed and moped, I talked to my love and worked it out in a grown-up way, but still. That really put a damper on my afternoon.

Insert tasty Shayna-isn’t-cooking-cuz-she’s-cranky dinner!

Korean food (Hawaii food alert! Plate lunch is a Hawaii tradition. It typically consists of 1 scoop white rice, 1 scoop mac salad and some type of meat)! I rolled with Korean and was not disappointed. I had the spicy bbq chicken (dark meat…ah, comfort food), brown rice, regular kimchi and cucumber kimchi. I love kimchi, if you can’t tell 😀 It’s pickled? Fermented? I’m not sure, it’s cabbage that’s massaged with spicy spices and then it gets put in a jar and it kind of sits and…percolates? You may want to Google it, as that is my scientific answer. Percolated cabbage in spicy spices. Anyhow, I downed this. And I may have eaten a few bites of this too:

My sweet sweet husband shared his food! Meat jun (thin steak coated in an egg-like mixture of magic(?) and fried), mac salad (made with mayo, oh my), potatoes in some kind of Korean mayo-y sauce and shoyu (read: soy sauce) coated potatoes. Carb attack! He doesn’t usually eat like this, by the way. I feel like I just got caught neglecting him. It’s actually a rare treat when we eat honest-to-goodness crap food. I can’t resist the mac salad. I just can’t. I try, but it lures me in with it’s creamy siren song.

So, I’m off to bed, guys. Gotta pray about some things, get a good night’s sleep, start the 30 days of self love (so excited!) and have a better day tomorrow. Good night!



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4 responses to “Percolated cabbage…

  1. Totally understandable… I would be grumpy too. But on a happy note, your dinner looks yummy!

  2. I can’t stand when the gym does things like that and it gets over crowded either. So annoying.

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