Call me speedy…

Hey guys, what a whirlwind day over here! If you didn’t get a chance, head on over to Faith Fitness Fun (don’t laugh, but I’m unsure of how to do links yet ūüėČ There’s a button on the side) for the 30 Days of Self-Love! Today’s post was on confidence. Honestly, I’m really confident in my private life but at my job, I tend to struggle with strong personalities. I think it’s because I know that I have a happy home to go to. I can spend 8 hours placating a weenie as long as I get to spend the rest of the night with the love of my life and our fur child ūüėÄ

This morning’s breakfast was plain old oaties – protein powder, peanut butter and cinnamon:

It was made exponentially¬†cooler with the addition of a Tokidoki¬†spoon. Work was KILLER today! Last night’s devotional was on your work life¬†and praying for productivity. Let me tell you, it was insane how fast that prayer was answered. Today was like a totally different desk! Snacks were random, as I hadn’t gone grocery shopping. I had strawberries and a Wai¬†Lana bar (like a Larabar, but not as good, I think there was random cranberry in there) and then later some cheese and Mary’s Crackers. I don’t usually put all my snacks on here because, well, they’re boring. I do try to keep it balanced, though! Lunch was an Amy’s burrito and a small salad that I packed, just greens and cherry tomatoes, nothing fancy.

I got dressed and ready to go to the gym and then, on the walk over there, I realized I forgot my stupid towel! And you can’t work out without a towel, gym rules. So, I had to call the husband to come all the way back and grab me. We had errands to run, so we grabbed a quick bite at my beloved Z Pizza:

Today’s special was the Santa Fe with corn, chicken sausage, red onions, green chiles, cilantro and a pesto sauce. I had it with the usual mixed greens with balsamic. Then, we were off the Target, Down to Earth, Vitamin Shoppe and Safeway. Whew! I know, it tuckered me out too. I had to pick up groceries and all our incidentals. I like to have toothpaste and protein powder and shampoo, etc. for the whole month. It just makes me more secure.

I did have a little treat after jamming around:

I love it. The serving size is 2 per bar!?! We always make it last the whole week.

If you can forgive me for making today’s post so speedy, I HAVE to crash. I got home so¬†late¬†after going to every store on the¬†island¬†and I have to get up early and do it all over again and I still have to floss my chompers and do my devotions. I will, however, be here tomorrow before catching up with my beloved Jersey Shore. Have a great night!


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