Ch-ch-ch-cherry pie…

Operation Ben & Jerry’s continues!!! What an awesome way to wake up:

Cherry Garcia Oaties

1 serving cooked oat bran

1/2 cup frozen cherries

1 TB carob chips

1 scoop protein powder (I use Designer Whey)

heavy sprinkle of cinnamon

I just mix it all up, frozen cherries at all and let it sit. The hot oaties will melt the cherries. By the way?!? This was off the chain. It was so good. I hit it right on.

Today was great! Casual Day always puts me in a great mood. I love wearing jeans to work and I love helping charity. If you didn’t catch yesterday’s, we support the United Cerebral Palsy foundation with our casual days. Plus, the atmosphere seems more casual too. Lunch was a bunch of random-ness:

A serving of the Wholey Guacamole chips, 2 hardboiled eggs (but only 1 yolk) and a spinach salad with 2 big handfuls of spinach, a handful of grape tomatoes, 3 sliced mushrooms, half a crown of broccoli and half a green pepper. I used a new lemon goddess dressing that we picked up and I have to say, it was so freakin’ good. Even the husband said he really is enjoying these salads for lunches. I agree; I don’t feel all heavy and uncomfortable all day.

After work, we hit up Border’s for birthday presents. We have two 1st birthdays this month and I always bring books. I’m hoping that, if I ever choose to procreate, people will reciprocate 😉 Then, we headed over to Z Pizza, because it’s pizza Friday! I rolled with the usual combo, a slice and a salad:

I went with the Italian – pesto, ham (I love meat. I can’t help it, I just do), black olives, tomatoes and artichoke hearts. You know, I’m sure this isn’t healthy, but they tell me it’s all organic and the dough is homemade-all-natural-miraculously-good. I don’t question their motives, I just eat the goodness!

The rest of the day? Well, we’re enjoying an old tradition of Friday Night Stand-up on Comedy Central (Whoa, Shayna! Tone it down a notch!) and I’m about to curl up in bed, talk to God for a little bit and then read this gem:

Gotta get some tips, right? Especially with the CSA starting on Monday 🙂 I can’t wait!! Come back tomorrow for all the action; we’ve got a 1st birthday (Hawaii tradition alert! 1st birthdays here are a huge event. Think quincenera but for babies), a vet visit (poor Bertie has allergies – she’s allergic to fleas and chewed all of her fur off again), and the Okinawan festival (which should *hopefully* be better than the ill-fated GreekFest). I’m gonna try to squeeze the gym somewhere in there. Also, stop by the 30 Day Self Love challenge (more like party. I like party. It’s been nothing but good vibes since it started, I loved the concept and Tina’s doing such an awesome job with it); you can use the button on this page.

Good night, guys!


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