Rush week(end)…

Hey there, how do you like the new look? I didn’t like the big block letters. Block letters do not define me! 🙂 Moving along…today was a rush day. Crazy day. I slept in till 8:30am, which would have been fine if I didn’t have to take Roberta to the vet. After ingesting a pot of coffee (it’s only a 5-cup machine, calm down!) and scanning my favorite blogs, we loaded up Itchy-pants into the car and got her medicated. We had to rush back home to get ready for that baby birthday party. I inhaled this:

I abhor dishes 🙂 I toasted us up some whole wheat bread, spread on some chunky pb, split up a naner between the two of them, sprinkled ’em with cinnamon and a drizzle of honey. Then, away we went. So, I didn’t shoot any pictures of the party because I felt weird 😉 But, it was held in a ballroom, included a photo shoot, an ICEE machine, a soft-serve machine, a bouncy castle (indoors, no less) and catered food. This is a typical 1st birthday here. I informed my husband that if we ever spawn (which I don’t plan on anytime soon), baby’s first birthday is celebrated by stripping baby to diaper, putting a trash bag under the high chair and giving him/her their own cake. That’s about it, no bells or whistles here. In case you’re wondering, that’s a family tradition (I have a cool mom). I noshed on a salad (iceberg with Italian dressing, so, kind of a salad), fruit, a little salmon, some steamed veggies and pancit (Filipino food alert! Pancit is noodles that are pan-fried with different meats or veggies. It’s a very distinct noodle dish that you should Google and then eat. I will work for pancit).

We weren’t going to stay long, but I got sucked in by the juggler (at one point in life, I seriously considered circus college. At age 20. Thanks to some level-headed friends in my life, I nixed that). We sprinted out the door to head on over to the Okinawan festival and, at that point, I pulled a Shayna. With the crowds, the music and the weird smells abound, I had to leave. It wasn’t going to be fun. Interesting things weren’t going to amaze me. It took us an hour and a half to find parking for crying out loud and then, I couldn’t even figure out how to pay the machine!! I was sweaty, out of sunscreen (NOT good here) and hungry. So, we left 😦 Fortunately, it’s open tomorrow, so you may get a glimpse! But it was still a beautiful day out there:

We headed over to The Counter. Ours is owned by Daniel Dae Kim (Jin, from LOST. So hot. Not as hot as my husband, but pretty darn close); The Counter is a build-your-own burger joint that features happy cows (no antibiotics, vegetarian diet) and local and/or organic produce. It is delicious, if you’re feeling carnivorous. We started with the sweet potato fries with a horseradish aioli:

and what I have dubbed “The Greek”:

If you and your mate are splitting it (which we always do), they slice it in half and plate it separately!! Lurve that. This was a medium rare beauty on a whole wheat bun with red onions, black olives, mixed greens, pepperoncini, sun-dried tomatoes, feta and a garlic aioli. It was my best creation yet. Husband agreed wholeheartedly 😀

And then, to decompress from my rushed morning, I got to stroll around Whole Foods being a Whole Foolio and checking everything out. There’s a couple of products I wanted to see and I grabbed some naan bread, salsa, zucchini and chocolate. I was heading out when one of the kindly produce men gave me a slice of dragonfruit. Oh my. This was amazing. So amazing, in fact, that I had to ignore the 7.99 per pound price tag. Or, find the smallest guy they had:

You are destined for greatness tomorrow, young dragonfruit. We then vegged out for the rest of the evening and I flew through Water for Elephants (I recommend it!!! Finally a winner 🙂 ).

So, it’s way too late here and I have to get some beauty sleep because I have brunch tomorrow! Did I mention I love food? 😉 This brunch place pick was for my honey and he’s super jazzed about going. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get in a workout tomorrow as well. I hope all you U.S. readers are enjoying your Labor Day weekend! Good night and see you tomorrow with the brunch to end all brunches!



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4 responses to “Rush week(end)…

  1. I’ve never tried dragon fruit before, what does it taste and look like? Thanks for the book rec. I’ve been looking for something good to read. It seems lately I’ve been making poor book choices.

  2. I am the master of poor book choices. Thank God for library cards 🙂 That one’s going to be a movie soon, so I had to read it.
    Dragonfruit is that pink spiny ball I’m holding 🙂 It tastes sweet like a papaya and a watermelon made a baby. As soon as I cut into it, I’ll post a pic for you to see. SO good!

  3. Lee

    Is there another name for that fruit? It looks interesting but I have never seen it in any grocery store.

  4. I think it might just be a tropical fruit. If I can figure out another name for it, I’ll definitely let you know 🙂

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