Talladega Brunch…

Say it. Say you love crepes! 🙂 We do! We had brunch plans today with our favorite couple, but they had to bail. We went alone and threw down at Crepes No Ka Oi (Hawaiian language alert! No Ka Oi = the best!). In true Shayna and Husband fashion, we split two:

The Vegetarian, which had mushrooms, tomatoes, black olives, onions, spinach and cheddar. We also split the Lover’s Delight (ooo, yeah…):

Gross picture, I know, but it had Nutella, strawberries, bananas and freshly whipped cream and cinnamon. I die. We cruised around Kailua to let our food settle and then headed back home to do some laundry. We didn’t make the gym but we did get in a lot of walking! After kicking back and relaxing some, I used this:

to make this:

I sautĂ©ed some happy chickens (no antibiotics, vegetarian diet, free range) and some organic zucchini and then let it simmer in the Rogan Josh. It said spicy. We felt no spicy. Although, we like our food so spicy I’ve been known to say, “This tastes like lava!!”, so I may be wrong. We ate the disappointing simmer with my beloved naan. After that, I was supposed to work out but I heard that the Honolulu Coffee Company started their own brand of artisanal chocolates…so we had to head to the mall. We happen to have one of the largest malls in the country at our convenience (Google Ala Moana Shopping Center, if you are so inclined), but it’s of no use since most of the stores are luxury (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Cartier). I did score this beauty:

Hands down our fave so far. Literally knocked my socks off. I savored this tasty blend of dark chocolate, mac nut and red Hawaiian sea salt with a little cup of 100% Kona coffee and, wow. Once I put my socks back on, we cruised the mall to work off all that energy. Also, we maybe window-shopped and lusted a little 😀 I did hit up LUSH for a bath ball treat. We came back home and chowed down on grilled cheese sammies and lentil soup. I soaked with my Butterball bath bomb (if you live near a LUSH, get your butt down there. It’s a bath and body shop and everything is made with vegetarian or vegan products, if can. It is all so wonderful and I believe you can shop there online) and am now about to kick back and watch the first season of Gossip Girl with the Lover (I so hope it’s good! I’ve been anticipating watching it). I’m soaked, scrubbed, moisturized, relaxed and sipping on some Italian Chamomile. Please don’t end, Labor Day weekend! I love you!

See you tomorrow with my first CSA pick-up!! SQUEEEE, I’m so beyond excited!!! Good night!



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5 responses to “Talladega Brunch…

  1. I love sweet crepes much more than the savory types. But they’re all pretty darned good 🙂 And that chocolate sounds so good! Gotta love CSA pick up day 🙂 Enjoy your last day of the weekend.

  2. I’ve only ever had sweet crepes. That savory one does look fabulous though.

  3. Lee

    Hey your new blog look is BEAUTIFUL and so very professional. I just love it!! MORE SALAD RECIPES PLEASE

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