Death becomes me…

Long time no see, blog friends! I was sick. Like, my husband made me soup and sammies sick…it ruined my first CSA day 😦 But, let’s not dwell on that. A highlight of the last couple of days? Well, before I almost died, we cut into that dragonfruit:

Check that out! It was so beautiful and tasted so good. It has a really smooth texture and tastes like a papaya-watermelon hybrid. Delish.

That’s about when the day started going sour. I started to lose steam and I was hungry but my tummy ached, so I had a light snack:

My beloved Monkey Bowl! Chocolate-protein ice cream, granola, sliced naners and carob chips. It filled me up and I figured it would tide me over to CSA pick-up! Then, the cold sweats started. I got a fever, I was achy…but I was going to that CSA pick-up regardless of whether or not I barely drug my carcass there 😦 Upon return home, I gave in to the couch and tried not to move. My sweet sweet husband did photography:

Look at my gorgeous veggies! There was limes, collard greens, beets, chard, an eggplant, lemons, romaine hearts, carrots, green onions, some random herbs, their signature “sassy salad” mix and some arugula. And I was too sick to start chopping. Luckily, the love of my life decided to get me into the bathtub and then went on the hunt for soup. My mom used to make me Lipton’s chicken noodle soup, which will always stay close to my heart, however, he decided to go with quick and easy for brevity’s sake:

Hawaii food alert: Saimin! Saimin is like ramen. This is actually Won Ton Min, as it has won tons in it. There’s also green onion, char siu (Chinese meat of some kind) and fish cake (which is exactly like it sounds. I pick it out. It’s that flourescent pink thing in there.) I got through about half of it before succumbing again to the couch and Gossip Girl.

I actually ended up calling in sick, so there was nothing to report on the home front. The husband cooked oatmeal for breakfast and grilled cheese sammies and soup for lunch. We may have had McDonald’s for dinner. I’m sorry, but sometimes (i.e. deathly sickness, hangovers), I *need* fries and root beer. It has to happen. And, it obviously worked, as I was at work today! Very nice!

So that’s brings us to today…lots of catch up. I snacked on these:

with some hummus. I fell instantly in love and I am never breaking up with these. I also consumed unpictured oatmeal, a big ol’ salad with lots of crap in there and a protein shake. Dinner, however, was the winner:

Look at that beautiful thing 🙂 I give you, The Amazing Green Pita.

Amazing Green Pitas – serves 2

1 bunch beet greens (save the beets for a roasted beet salad)

1 bunch collard greens (hard stubby parts removed and, if you’re me, thrown away)

2 pitas

handful of goat cheese

I sautéed the beet greens in a little olive oil with some green onions (also in the CSA basket) and some minced garlic (from the depths of my fridge). Then, I sprinkled some goat cheese in the bottoms of the pitas, stuffed them full of the greens, salted it a little and then put more goat cheese on top. This was a soooo good. And will be happening again in the next 8 weeks, as long as my CSA allows.

Once on the agenda now? Well, it’s late here. I’m sipping my Sleepytime Vanilla tea and getting ready to crawl my healing butt into bed. Tomorrow will have me lifting again (you can’t keep this monster down long), and eating something made with these:

Look at those little guys! Stay tuned to see what I chopped them up into 🙂

Have a great night guys and see ya tomorrow!



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2 responses to “Death becomes me…

  1. Glad you’re on the mend. I have been wanting to try those Mary sticks, after seeing pictures of them floating around the blog world. Also thanks for the Dragon Fruit update, it sure is a beautiful fruit.

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