Well, that solves that problem…

I made a purchase today that will finally end my complaining for good:

Take that Mr. Personal-trainer-guy-who-leaves-his-body-ball-all-over-the-gym-then-gets-mad-when-people-use-it. I have my own, thank you very much 🙂 I was dragging my feet because of the principal of the matter but then I thought I might as well spend 10 bucks and shut up about it 🙂 Problem solved.

Breakfast was delish with a twist:

I made the regular Cherry Garcia Oaties (frozen cherries, carob chips, vanilla protein powder) and threw in some coconut. It was lacking. I think I’ll throw in some nut butter just to give it some body. I can’t stand oat bran made with just water. That and I appreciate fat in my food. Don’t be scared, it makes life better, I promise. And I’m not a registered anything (my husband has repeatedly told me that just because I read a lot of nutrition information and I retain it all like some weird Good Will Hunting doesn’t mean that I’m licensed to give advice), but my body seems to like healthy fats like nut butter, avocados and olive/coconut oils WAY better than Mickey D’s and fatty cuts of meat. Granted, I’ll eat a burger every now again, because I’m human, but I like the way healthy fats make me feel.

Work was epic today. I didn’t even take a lunch break. Bask in my work-a-holism!! Honestly? I’d have taken a break but all my coworkers were out of the office all day. So, I got hosed. Whatever. I went to WalMart to pick up my ball, a salad spinner, a Brita filter and the new Muscle & Fitness Hers (you know this hooligan is down for a crazy weekend!) and then came of home for Pizza Friday!

I needed a salad spinner for my CSA salad greens! I got a cheapie guy and it worked pretty awesome. Only took me about 5 spins to realize that the bottom had drain holes. After that? I moved that party into the sink and spun away. The pizza is your basic pesto, tomato and feta covered in goat cheese (I birthed my love of goat cheese while I was growing up in Portugal. They put this hot sauce-like substance called piri piri sauce on it and spread it on bread. I die.) The salad was just greens, balsamic, a little freshly cracked pepper and more goat cheese. These greens were so amazing, they blow the bagged salad outta the water, I’ll tell ya.

On the agenda tonight? Well, I snuggled down and caught Friday Night Stand Up and I’m the last man standing (the husband and dog crashed about 20 minutes ago). Tomorrow’s agenda? Haircut at a new salon, grocery shopping, the gym (plus abs at home 😦 ), and quite possibly a movie.

Hope you’re having a great weekend! Good night 😀



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3 responses to “Well, that solves that problem…

  1. Kat

    Thx for the blog comment! I am so with you on the healthy fats. Not only do they make my hair shiny and nails long but they also taste amazing!!! I will never give up my nutbutters or avocados!!

  2. How did the haircut go? New places can be a bit scary for some people.

    • Oh my gosh, it went great, thanks for asking!!! It was my same hairdresser, she moved when my old salon closed, but the new salon has a great vibe. It’s a bit of drive but totally worth it! I love her and it sucks going to new places, especially with my big crazy hair 🙂

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