Chili Willy…

Hey guys, the end of another weekend 😦 I went out with a productive bang. The haircut went great yesterday; I have the cutest hairdresser, lots and lots of thick wavy hair and no emotional attachment to it whatsoever. She styled it perfectly, pics will be up tomorrow, as I spent the better half of the night coloring my greys. Yes, I am 25 and I have a lotta grey! It happens, what are ya gonna do? We also caught Takers. Action and Paul Walker (who I saw in person at the pet store here and btw he really is that gorgeous)? Totally there. Plot? Not so much 😦 I recommend renting it.

Breakfast was the usual omelet. I’ve been using real butter lately and it makes the dish. The mushrooms are more flavorful and the toast has that salty bite. So good.

I use this butter bell that my mom gave me. It’s perfect because it keeps the butter soft and the buggies out 🙂 The husband and I finally got a chance to relax and talk about our goals and what’s going on in our lives right now and it was really nice to realign with each other. It’s so necessary or else, next thing you know, you’re both going in your own orbits. Not good!

We finally went to church this Sunday. It’s the same church that we were going to, but a satellite location with a different pastor. I really liked that it was so much smaller and the congregation seemed to know each other. We’re going to go the Wednesday service to see if we like that better, but I think we’re sticking with this place.

I got home and slurped down this guy:

Nothing fancy – whey protein powder, milk, strawberries and cinnamon. I just needed to get something in my stomach before I headed out to the gym. I totally sold myself short today. I could have worked harder and pushed more and I didn’t. I was disappointed in myself, but I’ve been working out so sporadically, I took it easy and I shouldn’t have. Well, Tuesday will be here soon enough and I can massacre myself then 😀

When I got back I cooked up some couscous to accompany this:

It looks gross, I’m well aware. I love this recipe, it’s Tosca’s De Puy Lentils from her Eat Clean cookbook. We eat this at least once a week; it’s that good. It’s got chard, lentils, carrots, lots of yummy stuff. I served it over that couscous with tomatoes and onions from the other day? It was exactly what I needed after that sub par workout. That, and this:

A smoosh of pumpkin pie yogurt, a smoosh of cheesecake yogurt, cheesecake bites, graham cracker dust, a few chocolate chips and little squirt of white chocolate. I won’t lie that it was even remotely healthy, but it was small and tasty. Sometimes, small and tasty is good when that’s what you want. It satiated my craving 🙂

I got home and battled the hair dye. After 25 minutes and vigorous bleaching of the bathroom sink and I won. I now have healthy, bouncy chestnut locks. Then, we popped in some Gossip Girl while we ate this:

Chili! I based it on the recipe in this month’s Cooking Light. It was so easy, but I omitted a lot and worked in some new stuff. I browned a pound of grass-fed happy beef with a cup of red onions, a TB of garlic and a chopped up jalapeno (wear gloves when you chop ’em so you don’t burn your eyes or…other parts later), then threw in some ancho chile powder (I eyeballed it. A tsp? A TB?), cumin (again, eyeball. More than a tsp.), salt and pepper, a can of cannelloni beans, a can of diced tomatoes, a big scoop of tomato paste and a cup and a half of chicken broth. I let it boil and then simmer for 10 minutes. It was so good and so easy. I like a little spice and it was kind of mild for me, but I’m sure the flavors in it will marry over night. Also? I crushed up the tortillas into it and that really did me in, it was beyond words at that point 🙂

Now? We’re going to snuggle up and watch The Killers (I miss pre-Demi Ashton Kutcher) and then it’s off to bed for this kid. Tomorrow? New CSA pick-up!!! Come back and see the new ‘do and what veggie magic they’re giving me this time. Good night!



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2 responses to “Chili Willy…

  1. Butter bells are an invention that I find very under appreciated in the US. They pretty much rock! Hope your CSA box is a good one 🙂

  2. I have a butter bell I found on Etsy after lots of searching. I love it! Yum, gotta love your chili.

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