Alone at last…

Hey guys, hope your day has been great! Mine has been a little lonely :/

It started off swell with this winner:

I think I’ve perfected the Cherry Garcia Oaties. It needed a big heap of peanut butter. Oat bran perfection!

My job has been jammin’, so I ate at the desk all day. I know this is a horrible habit, but I also know that I need fuel! And I also know that a person’s desk is the dirtiest place known to man which is why I constantly disinfect it šŸ™‚

After work, we had to eat so I chose Wahoo’s:

I love fish tacos (please takeĀ that appropriately šŸ˜‰ ). This place is so so tasty. The tortillas are lard-free and they give you the option of brown rice, which I did not do here because I forgot…but their special rice is good regardless. I rolled with a black/white bean combo (how egalitarian of me). This tided me over through a pretty great workout! I dropped the husband off at some job training for the evening and then hit the gym later than usual. That will not be happening again EVER. It was packed for 6:00 on a Tuesday. Not pleased but I worked around what I wanted to do and used free weights.

Then, I headed off to Whole FoolioĀ on my own and did a little shopping. SinceĀ I was shipped outĀ hereĀ to Oahu, I never drive. At first, my husband (then-boyfriend. I most certainly was not a mail-order bride, but if anyone is interested, I’d be happy to share that little oddball gem with you) didn’t want me driving his new truck. He was afraid I’d wreck it. 3 years later, I’ve just become a spoiled brat and I prefer to be chauffeured šŸ™‚ I cruised today though and leisurely made my way through the store.

The love of my life is a trooper. He doesn’t complain much (as long as he can wander and eat multiple cheese samples) but it’s not the same shopping with him. I know he wants to leave and he knows that I want to look at every single type of nut butter known to man. Sometimes, I like shopping alone.

With my loot packed up (I’m going to start making my own hummusĀ again. Screw spending 5 bucks on a tub that I eat in 2 minutes), I came home to do laundry/wash dishes/make a breakfast cookie/pack lunches. Now, I’m going to flat iron this craziness on my head (I have aĀ training meeting with the big gunsĀ tomorrow and I can’t look likeĀ I just got shocked). After that, I’m just waiting with Roberta for the man to arrive. It’s quiet here.

Agenda tomorrow? Mexican collard green wraps!! It’s a new recipe, I’ll let you know how it turned out. We’re also attending Wednesday night church at the new location that we started going to as we wanna see how the teaching is different than Sunday. Who says church has got to be on Sunday, yo?

Also new? I have an e-mail to share with you, my faithful readers šŸ™‚ You can send questions, comments, suggestions,Ā harmless information, rants, raves…you get the drift, to zucchinibikinimartiniĀ at gmailĀ dot com. I look forward to hearing from you!


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  1. Lee

    i love hummus. what recipe do you use and what do you eat it with since you said in your blog that you can easily go through a bucket of it. since i can not eat bread i am curious what you eat it with and do you put tahini in yours

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