New ‘do…

Hey guys, this is going to be short and sweet today 🙂 I’m sipping the rest of my green tea and getting ready for the bedtime, but I wanted to say hi.

Breakfast was something different today:

It was a Fitnessista breakfast cookie – mix-ins were carob chips and walnuts. The husband liked this one way better than my usual pumpkin one. I think it’s the fact that I stuffed it full of (fake) chocolate chips 😉

Work was busy like usual. I broke away for my usual lunch of leftovers and the crossword puzzle. I can usually do all the way up to Wednesday on the New York Times and then I’m done for the week. Dinner was nothing crazy; we did the Subway thing. We had to squeeze it in so that we could make it to church on time. I really like this new place and tonight was no exception. It was a great time – it was a special prayer service and they had testimony and it was just good. I think we’re going to be sticking with this place.

And….for those of you who asked 😀

If it looks like I’m tired, it’s because I am 🙂 My stylist Jenn chopped off a LOT. It was necessary and I appreciate her creative genius. I’m off to wash it.

On a side note, I was asked what I do with all my hummus. My hummus consumption is at an all time high. I use it mainly on veggies, crudites-style. I have been known (at the hot bar) to scoop it onto my steamed broccoli and I love it in wraps and on sandwiches in place of mayo. I also like it on crackers and chips. It’s becoming a certifiable problem 🙂 I’ll let you know how my homemade batch comes out. It’s nothing special, just a basic recipe, so can’t be too hard to mess up. I’ll tell ya, I usually love Tosca Reno’s recipes, but I have to admit that I hate her hummus recipe. Sorry! That one is not pleasing to this girl’s palate.

Tomorrow’s plans? Hopefully get out of work on time, hit up the gym big time and then come back home to watch Gossip Girl and (hopefully) try out those collard green wraps and tell you all about it! I may also catch Jersey Shore, but I’ll tell you, it’s getting kind of outta control on there and I might have to kick my addiction. Doesn’t really jive with the way I live, ya know? I don’t watch much tv anyway, as I’d rather read a book or chat with the esposo, so it really wouldn’t kill me to trade that out for something more fulfilling.

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!



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2 responses to “New ‘do…

  1. Hair looks cute! Yeah for good haircuts 🙂

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