It’s time for la revolucion

Happy Mexican Revolution day 🙂

Is this week OVER yet? Long and stressful are two words that come to mind.

This was a good start 🙂 Chunky Monkey oaties…and a nice chit chat with the husband…which made us *almost* late but was totally worth it.

Work was busy, per usual lately. I did manage to snag a pic of my lunch with my BlackBerry:

It’s blurry. I’m sorry. It was kind of bland too; I found Eden’s Organics Cajun beans and rice pre-cooked in a can. I’m so glad that I packed salsa-flavored tortilla chips because this needed some help. It will not be happening again. Sometimes, this situation happens because I just don’t get lunches ready for the next day. Last night’s Subway and church combo was perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing, so I just had to deal with the grodiness.

I hit up the gym today and put in some work. I was in and out of there in 30 minutes and I’m blowing through this workout plan. I like the quickness but the lack of cardio has me suspicious. Halfway through the first 8 weeks! In four weeks, I’ll recaliper and let you know if my suspicions were correct. If so, I’m going to throw in some running.

Dinner was a nice little Mexican celebration for my amor:

I had to find a use for the collard greens that came in my CSA box. I found the recipe HERE. I did make some changes as I saw fit. I cut out the chicken, upped the amount of chiles to my (spicy) liking, added my own amounts of tomato and onion, I threw in some green onion, and make sure you cook the quinoa in some kind of broth! It really kicks up the dish. Also? No need to cook it up to thicken it. If you mix the salsa into the cooked quinoa? It thickens on it’s own and looks like this:

 It burned so good. I’m going to use the collard green/flavor idea to make enchiladas, maybe with a green sauce. I have big dreams for this.

Now? I’m going to cuddle up with the esposo and watch Gossip Girl and then hit the sack. I have one more day until my weekend (the unlucky husband is furloughed tomorrow and gets to stay home. Boo!) and I need some sleep. Tomorrow here at ZBM (I’m trying out the acronym…it’s ok)? Pizza Friday and Friday Night Stand up! You’ll love it. And I have exciting plans for you this weekend. Good night!



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3 responses to “It’s time for la revolucion

  1. Kat

    I totally forgot about mexican revolution day. I shouldve celebrated! My hubby LOVES mexican food, but I made bbq pulled sandwhiches lol oops. Your oats look amazing!

  2. We’re having pizza Friday too. And so nice to see someone who get the real Independence Day and not the Cinco de Mayo stuff. LOL

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