Hi everyone! Friday flew by and I couldn’t be happier. Does everyone have big plans for the weekend? The husband will be working tomorrow, so I’ll be on the road with him or hanging out at the casa doing crap that I always need to do but never actually complete 🙂

Breakfast was the weekly special:

Breakfast cookie time! Now that I know how to use hyperlinks, you can click *HERE* to get the recipe. I added in carob chips and coconut. It was pretty sweet. And I mean sweet like “nifty”. We had a visitor creeping around the dining room table today:

She likes to stare at us Jedi-style while we eat. I’m sure the little idiot thinks that one day(!), we’ll go into a trance-like state and spoon-feed her breakfast cookies.

Today flew by, thank God! I did kind of carbo-load on accident. I munched an apple with a Babybel and some Mary’s crackers for my first snack and then inhaled this for lunch:

It’s multi-colored because it’s made of compressed vegetable solids….er…I don’t know what that means. I think I’m pushing the line between “hip and healthy” and “marketing sucker”. There’s some ground turkey in there somewhere. Can you please, someone, anyone, Bueller, tell me why my ground turkey had “natural flavors” added in? Um, Foster Farms? It’s FRIGGIN’ turkey! It comes naturally flavored! I’m sure God and that turkey’s parents have it’s flavor down pat, mmmkay? But, I digress.

I escaped the office this afternoon to hang with the furloughed husband. We drove over here:

parked, rolled the windows down, stuck our feet (ok, stuck MY feet) out the window and chatted the lunch hour away. It made me want to stay all day. But, I went back and stuffed my face with the leftover filling from yesterday’s collard wraps. It was spicy. So spicy that I may have Googled if spicy food will give you an ulcer eventually (the answer, by the way, is no 🙂 It’s usually caused by infection. Stress doesn’t normally cause them either. But, I’m not a doctor, I’m a Wikipedia fiend. I may be wrong).

We went to Whole Foolio right after work and bought crap we didn’t need. We went for goat cheese crumbles. That’s all. We left with wild caught Alaskan salmon (that’s way overpriced), and these guys, which I didn’t even know existed:

Cheddar Babybel?!? I have an addiction to small, cheap, wax-enveloped cheese. No, I am not classy, but I’m okay with that.

You know today’s Pizza and Stand-up night!! We traded out the stand-up for Office Space today 🙂 For those of you who asked me about my dressings?

I love Drew’s. I love it. This taste so creamy, but it’s actually oil and vinegar…I put it on my salad and dunked my pizza in it (I picked up the dressing/pizza combo in TX, but back then I was much heavier and the dressing was full-fat ranch).

Mediterranean pizza is back at Whole Foods! Embrace it!!

Now, I’m gonna floss my chompers and hop into bed. It’s not too late here, but I’m drained from this week! Tomorrow, I thought I’d do it a little different and veer away from food (a little) and share with you a little more about me! I’ll treat you to the life and times of ZBM.

I love reading blogs. I like reading about other people’s lives because as much as we have in common regarding food and fitness interests, we are so diverse in many other ways! I don’t have any a lot of money to play with and we tend to pinch pennies, we have no kids and don’t plan on it (for a LONG time), we live in (one of) the ghetto parts of Hawaii and we work our butts off all week to chill all weekend. I’m proud of my little life with my family (my cutie pie husband and my mangey dog) and I’d like to share it with you! So, good night, have a great Saturday and we’ll see you tomorrow!



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2 responses to “Carb-o-palooza…

  1. Kat

    Mmmmm cheese….
    My nickname as a kid was the rat because I was always eating cheese. I mean, ALWAYS. It is still one of my favorite snacks too!
    I love that you live in Hawaii. We went there for our honeymoon and we loved it. My hubby would love to move there, but his job isn’t really moveable haha. Your dog is so cute with his jedi-stare down!

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