Coming out of hiding…

Hey friends! I’m sorry for hiding out lately. It’s been busy over here and I’ve been in bed late every night. One of those nights may or may not have involved back-to-back Gossip Girl (Chuck Bass’ evil antics suck me in, I can’t help it). It’s going to be short today too. I just got out of church with a recharged soul and now I’m ready to recharge this body of mine with some sleep 🙂

News of the day? My job is pooling people  for the annual Body Fat Loss Challenge. We don’t do our challenge on weight, we do it by body fat. We calculate a minimum that everyone has to lose to win and the first person to get there and maintain for 3 weeks wins! We all buy in with $25 and last year the pot was $425!! Wowza! And I love that it’s not weight but fat. It’s so much healthier than everyone trying to become little Skeletors 🙂 If we get enough people together, I’ll let you know how I’m doing and you can cheer me on.

My CSA pick-up this week was…strange:

Lots of salad (an obscene amount), some radishes, a bunch of kale, some lemons and these guys:

Hey, weird purple beans. I wish I knew what you were so that I can make you as delicious as possible :/

I now know that this is daikon. I think I’m going to turn them into bread and butter pickles. I’m really not sure how to eat these things. And help would be appreciated. Here, they eat them pickled in some neon yellow-y green. Um, I’m not down with that. I’m not even sure what I would use to get them that color.

I’m off to shower off my dirts (I’m pretty sure that I smell vagrant-y), read some more of my bible and then cuddle my Latin lover. Tomorrow, expect a LOT of Indian food. Have a good night!



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6 responses to “Coming out of hiding…

  1. Kat

    Jealous of your CSA! Its too much money for me right now, so I just hit up farmers markets instead 😉 Good luck on your challenge! That is if enough people get into it. I love things like that, because I am SUPER competitive!

    • The CSA is at times an albatross around my next. Sometimes I open the box and go “I don’t WANT to eat daikon!!”…and then I let it die in my fridge. I have to kick it up a notch, because it’s too much money for me too and I have to make it worth it.

  2. Lee

    You have been away for a long time….where are you??? You are not blogging anymore?

  3. Yea…I wouldn’t know what to do with purple beans either!! LOL

    Interesting on the work challenge. I love that they do it by body fat too. Just remember – most methods of measuring body fat are not accurate at all!

    • Yeah, we take that into consideration. We use the same scale (that we all agree is broken) and weigh in at the same time every Wednesday in (preferably) the same/same type clothes. It’s pretty fun and to be honest, most people are just shocked by the number the scale shows and end up making permanent changes.
      I also suffer from deranged self-esteem – I see 35% body fat and go “Hm, how can than be when I’m so smoking hot and have such big muscles?” 😀

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