Fancy pants…

Good evening, friends! Today went (almost) exactly as planned. I got to work on that mango smoothie – for 2 people, I put almost 16oz of soy milk into my vitamix wannabeHamilton Beach crappy blender, broke up a banana in there and put 2 scoops of Designer Whey in the mix. Then, the trouble started. I peeled my mango and started cutting huge hunks and dropping them into the blender. All was going well until I hit what looked like a dirt pocket…and out crawled a HUGE mango beetle. It was pretty disgusting. Despite my husband, my mom (via long-distance direct dial to Portugal. Ouch) and Google telling me that it’s ok to still eat what I cut up, I dumped the blender contents and started over with a new mango.

After that we headed to Ala Moana beach park (just check out my header for a picture of it) for our run. Except, it was noon and I likened it to the desert, minus the palm trees. My husband was quick to share that he’s been to Iraq and it’s about 80 degrees hotter there. I maintain my stance. We ran a little over two miles at 15 minutes each (don’t judge. I sweated out my body weight and every electrolyte in my system) and then headed over to our favorite little salad/sammy place. I had the most delectable vegetarian on wheat – it has sun-dried tomatoes, Japanese eggplant, red peppers, artichoke hearts, lettuce and goddess dressing. I die.

Right in line with my plans, we ran home to throw our suits on and booked it to the beach. After taking a dip and deeming it too cold to enjoy, I coated myself in SPF 85 and napped, intermittently waking to roll over and recoat myself. It was so needed. After an hour and a half of this, it was time to eat! I got all fancy:

And we headed out to my favorite place, Haleiwa (read: Ha-lay-ee-va) Joe’s. I love this place; it’s elevated and the whole back side is open, lined in tiki torches and overlooks this beautiful garden with a pond and a gazebo in the middle. So so beautiful. I rolled with this beauty:

Grilled mahimahi with a garlic-caper cream sauce topped with taro crunchies over rice with seasoned veggies green beans. There was no plethora of veggies, but I was too captivated with the deliciousness. My lover rolled with this:

Char-broiled salmon topped with asian pesto and potato crunchies with garlic mashed potatoes and seasoned veggies. I liked mine better. I had the waiter remove my plate with half of the rice still on it so that I didn’t stuff myself and hinder my dessert capacity. We rolled with two:

Guava cheesecake with a guava sauce and toasted coconut. This was good, but we boxed a lot of it so that we could demolish this:

This is a babycake. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s a chocolate sponge cake dotted with chocolate chips and walnuts with a white chocolate & cream cheese filling, heated, ala mode-d and then covered in raspberry sauce and sprinkled with macadamia nuts. I would mine blood diamonds for this. I would sell my future babies to gypsies for one bite. If the Devil went down to Georgia looking for a soul to steal, I might trade mine not for a fiddle of gold, but a babycake. It was…magnificent. And somehow, the cream cheesieness was warmer than everything else, so when you put a spoonful in your mouth with the ice cream and the warm cake, it melted everything into a mouthful of lovin’.

I am now sated. I came home and walked Roberta, after she was neglected all day. Now, I’m going to cuddle in with my family, menu plan for the next few weeks and hit the hay.

Big plans for tomorrow? Church, another run (possibly, I may be tuckered out. In that case, yoga), more beach, grocery shopping, laundry….I’m getting tired reading that list 🙂 Have a good night and we’ll see you tomorrow.



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3 responses to “Fancy pants…

  1. OMG I’ve never heard of mango beattles!!! How big are they? And what type of mangos do they like the most… I must avoid those types 🙂 Love the fancy dinner pictures. Nothing beats a good chocolate cake.

    • They’re not that big, maybe the size of a bean, with legs? So gross! They love mangos, period. Maybe only Hawaiian CSA mangos? 😉 I think all types.
      This cake made me want to commit crimes. On a side note? It felt weird snapping away at my food. My husband said I paid for it, so I might as well take a picture, but it still felt strange…

      • I agree that it’s odd. I am also not at all comfortable snapping away out to dinner, or even at friends house’s. I quickley pull out the camera and am satisfied with the first photo I get. I’m guessing that the more of it I do, the easier it will get. I like your husbands response… it’s true.

        Thanks for the info. on mango bugs… I’ve never seen one. Maybe they’re dead by the time mangos make it to AK… hopefully!?

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