I have an agenda…

Good morning, friends! My mom asked where the heck I’ve been and I’ll tell you, it wasn’t good. I was at work. I have a decent job. I work for a wonderful company and my co-workers are fantastic. We, however, have been busy and I was at work yesterday for 11 and a half hours. This is the gospel truth. I was not happy. I missed stand-up (but not pizza. That would be craziness).

Today…I’m going to relax that craziness right outta me. Look at this weather:

Ahh! I’m going to take advantage of it. After I finish trolling the blog world for gems, drinking my (mini) pot of coffee and making a smoothie out of this monstrous mango:

You can just ignore the bars on the front door 🙂 The best thing about living in an unsavory neighborhood is that the people in said neighborhood are the criminals and they know damn well how poor you are. It’s not worth robbing your neighbor when you know that their tv weighs 1 ton and was made in the eighties.

After my mango-licious smoothies, I’ll be headed to the beach to get in a little 2-mile run, coming back home to throw on my swimsuit and then it’s back out to waste the day on the beach. We’ll probably grab some plate lunch while we’re out (it looks like we have all the money in the world. I did not go grocery shopping this week and it’s bleeding my bank account 😦 sadness ensues), then it’s back home to shower up and the love of my life is taking me out to a fancy dinner!

Remember that day of work he did last week? Well, we’re heading out to my favorite restaurant! We haven’t been there since the husband graduated from an academy of sorts 2 years ago. They have a cut of prime rib dubbed “The Flintstone cut”. Yes, it is a huge hunk of semi-raw meat with a lovely au jus. My inner herbivore is weeping in the corner as my inner carnivore is repeatedly pummeling it into submission 😀

You guys have big plans? Off to ingest my body weight in mango. See you later with a recap!


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