CSA submission…

Good evening guys! Thanks for saying hi; I love hearing from everyone.

Today started out like usual, oaties with bananas and carob chips. I packed up our lunches with a special snack:

New flava! This will be repeated. I like them way better than the curry ones. Work was back to usual, thank God. 11 and a half hour days do not make for a happy Shayna 😦 Lunch was photographed:

Chicken Madras leftovers and the crossword puzzle 🙂 My favorite kind of lunch.

I was expecting a CSA out of the ordinary after looking at their blog. They give you a list of what’s coming your way, like the usual suspects:

Salad, arugula, basil, lemons, tangerines, radishes and beans. It also shared something new was coming my way:

Taro leaves (lu’au leaves), sugarcane (honua ula), banana (mai’a) and taro (kalo). The CSA that I belong to, Ma’o farms, is located on the west side of Oahu. It’s based upon a deep love for the land (‘aina) and wanted to showcase that in this box. I, however, had to admit defeat and tap out. I delivered the taro leaves to my neighbor, an awesome Hawaiian guy who knows what to do with these things. Why? Because every website I saw said that if you cook taro leaves incorrectly, you get an immensely itchy throat. Yeah…not gonna happen. I will conquer this guy:

Here, the taro root is boiled and pounded into a paste called poi, which is served as a gelatinous starchy side dish here. I cannot stomach the texture. It has the same consistency as phlegm. I’ve tried it and I don’t like it. So, I’m going to mash it with milk and buttah like potatoes! I will defeat this thing!

There was more cooking tonight. I hooked us up with a bean soup for next week; it’s cooling and about to be frozen. I also roasted lunch for tomorrow:

I blanched those crazy purple beans (which turned green, boo!) and the string beans that came this time. I put ’em in that dish with half an onion and some radishes. A little Spike, a little salt and pepper and:

Yup, that’s exactly what you think it is. BACON! I partially cooked a package of bacon and put that on top. Put that baby in the oven at 425 for around 20 minutes and you are good to go. I’ll serve it over quinoa. This will serve us tomorrow and the next day, so don’t you worry about me eating a whole package of bacon (although, the temptation is there).

What’s up now? Well, I just finished Hawaii 5-0 (did you think I’d miss it? I’m in love with McGarrett and Jin Su Kwan, er, I mean, Chin Ho Kelly. Whatever, same shooting location, same sexiness). I give them props this week for mentioning malasadas, Kuhio Street, pronouncing Hawaii correctly (the w sounds like a V. Ha-va-ee), and having McGarrett lose the shirt 🙂 It’s also reigniting my interest in surfing. While I fear sharks and random ocean-induced staph infections (loyal readers, I am a hypochondriac. I am ok with this. It’s not debilitating), I’m ready to dive in and try it.

Now? Freezing some soup, showering my stinkiness, reading more Hunger Games (it’s good so far), and sleep time with my honey. Tomorrow? Biggest Loser and a home workout while I watch. Dinner? Collard green enchiladas and yes, there will be chicken and cheese in it this time. Come on back for the recipe. Good night!



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4 responses to “CSA submission…

  1. I think I would be so hesitant to try so many of the things that came in through a CSA. Especially if some could cause itchy throats. Or ever resembled anything phlegm tasting. LOL

    • I had an inner debate: “Itchy? What do they mean by itchy? Flu-like itchy? Public speaking-itchy?”…there were too many unanswered questions. I had to pass.

  2. Kat

    What a good bunch of vegies!! I forgot to tivo hawaii 5-0 😦 My hubby and I have been waiting for it to start though! It looks really good, and full of hot guys 😉

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