Early to bed, early to rise…

Good evening, friends! What a long day it was after getting to bed at almost midnight last night! Yikes! I used to be a party animal and now midnight puts me out for the day 😦 We started it off with a beetle-free mango smoothie:

Yes, I did pack us matching smoothies with color-coordinated straws. That’s how we roll. And I got to munch a CSA tangerine for my snack. What a produce-filled day I had 🙂 Insert lots of “job-related activity” with a small break to enjoy this little beauty:

Now, I know this looks immensely disgusting. It wasn’t. It was tasty, succulent and filled me up just enough without making me regret my birth. Insert more “job-related activity” and we came home to the BIGGEST sink of dishes ever. Couple that with a lack of clean underoos (I was down to bikini bottoms and granny panties) and I was not cooking. It wasn’t happening. Save for some quinoa to go with lunch tomorrow, I was done. We picked up this puppy:

for dinner. I love Subway. I love that it’s convenient and there’s lots of veggies. I don’t count calories, but I’m sure that a sandwich loaded with veggies isn’t going to shoot me into “fat jeans” territory. Hell, if I’m not afraid of bacon, there’s not much that puts fear into me. Except, in a moment of poignant honesty, diabetes. I watch my sugar like a madwoman. My mom has type II diabetes and the husband’s uncle has it too. If there’s one thing that truly scares me, it’s testing my blood sugar, blindness, poor circulation (bye bye, pedicures!), strokes…ok, that’s more than one thing, but you get the gist….uncomfortable overshare 😀

We caught The Biggest Loser, which I tried not to cry through, and that puts me at bedtime. I’m about to crawl into bed early and read some more Hunger Games. The comfy fresh sheets are callin’ my name. I’ll last, oh, maybe 10 minutes, I’m thinking 🙂

Tomorrow, the body fat challenge begins! I love when little things “jumpstart” my routine. Yeah, I watch what I eat and I run and yoga and lift weights, but that gets stagnant. My co-workers don’t play. This challenge starts and every Magic Bullet comes out, people are running during lunch, swearing off carbs or fat; you name it, they do it. While I don’t get nuts about it, I’m more mindful of my workouts and what’s going into my system. I won’t share specific numbers, but I will share what I have to lose to win and my strategy tomorrow.

Good night, everyone!



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2 responses to “Early to bed, early to rise…

  1. haha….i’m the same way. gramma has to be in bed by 10. 😛

    and yeah, Subway is awesome! lucky for me, we have one in our building. hey, did you know Subway smells exactly the same ALL over the world?? (weird.)

    good luck on your body fat challenge! looking forward to reading more about it!

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