No good very bad day…

Wow, guys. Today sucked. I’m not going to lie; it did. It started off ok. The usual oaties and off to work. We missed the beach because the husband had to go to work early, therefore, I had to go to work early. Insert miscellaneous work related things and then I ate this:

These tangerines from my CSA are tasty. Good thing that I like them because they are apparently abundant, as they’ve given me 45 since my start with them. I also crunched some Mary’s Sticks and Twigs and a Laughing Cow wedge. Lunch was supposed to be epic. I was gonna cruise down to Wahoo’s, about 10 minutes from my job, and enjoy a kiddie bowl. Yeah, right.

I got there, placed my order and found a nice sunshine-y table out front. It was beautiful! And then, it started to monsoon. Not rain, pour out from the heavens with angry rage-filled drops. I ran to the door and tried to grab a seat, but they were all taken. So, I had them bag up my meal and I went outside to moan and complain loudly to the husband. A lovely good Samaritan was so annoyed by my whining kind, he got up and gave me his umbrella-shielded table so that I could munch on this in peace:

Blackened fish, brown rice, black and white beans and extra pico de gallo all over it. I scarfed this down and trudged the 10 minutes back in the rain. My hair got poufy. After work, the husband had to work late, so I grabbed the truck and drove over to Whole Foolio. Problem? It poured, so a journey that should have taken me an hour took two. I did end up with all this stuff though:

Wow. That’s $82 worth of groceries. Not bad, if I do say so myself. I buy mostly in bulk and then, of course, raw veggies, unsweetened soy milk and cereal.

We ate crap. Ha! I had to say it. We got home at 8:30 and the job that the husband did gave him food that was catered in. (Hawaii Food Alert) There was Korean sushi (sushi with flavored beef and Korean veggie filling), Chicken Katsu (panko-crusted fried chicken), pasta salad (wth? I don’t know either), Asian salad…you get the drift. I will regret this when I have heartburn at 3:00am.

Now? I’m brushing my chompers and climbing into bed. It’s early still and I have time to read some Hunger Games and get to bed before 10:00pm. Tomorrow’s plans? Well, it’s not pizza Friday, that’s for sure. I’ll make my collard green enchiladas and hopefully get in at least some Turbo Jam. There was a package slip in the mail for me! We’ll see what came tomorrow. Good night, friends!



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5 responses to “No good very bad day…

  1. My eyebrows shot up at 35 CLEMENTINES! I am so jealous of your Hawaiian CSA. I live in Boston so we just get a lot of apples and gourds. Sigh.
    Hope today is GREAT for you 🙂

    • I’m jealous of your fresh apples and gourds 🙂 Can I also mention that I’m jealous of your fall colors and ivy-covered townhouses? We don’t have what you’d call…seasons here.

      Have a great day too 😀

  2. Lee

    I think it would be cute if you changed your picture on your blog to a picture of you cooking zucchini in a bikini while sipping a martini!!! I think that would tie in so well…hahahahaha

  3. Lee

    You never mentioned again if you made your own humus and how it turned out and what recipe you used.

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