Guess who’s back…

Hello blog friends! Wow, it’s been awhile. I took a much-needed hiatus. To be real with you guys, my life is sometimes boring. Like…really boring. I mean, not to me of course, I love the routine! I’m such a creature of comfort, you know? But, 2011 is coming up and I need to get out of the comfort zone and get a move on. I have lots of things in store for the upcoming year…but first….what have I been up to? Well, I served jury duty (first time! And yes, I enjoyed it and yes, I’m a dork like that. I may or may not have spent the whole time singing the Law & Order theme song in my head).

I found this little guy chillin’ in the jury pool room. Only in Hawaii, huh?

I also went to my office Christmas party. I enjoyed a pre-party cocktail with my love monkey beforehand…

Finally, a martini on here! I’d like to rub in the fact that I am sleeveless. It’s one of the things I do love about this place 🙂 Christmas was a balmy 75-89 degrees:

I was bummed that I didn’t get snow for Christmas…for five minutes, and then I got in the car for a sunny cruise, moved on over to Lanikai Juice for a Dr. P.A.G.O. (pineapple-apple-ginger-orange juice) and took in the sunny day. Ben (the husband – there’s only so many euphemisms that I can use. Here at the house, he’s Benino, Ben, Monkey (which oddly enough turned in to shmunkey for a minute there) or Pumpkin Pie Spice, FYI.) got me an iPod nano (pink 🙂 touch-screen, glorious), Ferrero Rochers (I love them), an iTunes gift card (I immediately loaded up some 80s tunes, Bond, Portuguese techno, Eminem…you get the drift, all over), fruity candy canes (I hate peppermint), an iPod sensor for my Nike+ shoes and a gift card to the mall:

You can actually purchase mall gift cards. Our mall is THAT monstrous. I immediately took said gift card for a cruise around Ala Moana Shopping Center:

I picked up Charlotte’s book “The Great Fitness Experiment”, some Lululemon Wunder Under crops (because I can never convince myself to spend $68 cash on workout pants), a bunch of workout shirts and running socks (they have separately marked ones for each foot, weird, but cool).

I’ve also decided to do my first half-marathon!! I’ll be running this little beauty. Ben’s gonna train with me, but he refuses to run it. For all the female-specific activities that he does with me, I won’t begrudge him sitting this one out. I’ll enjoy my tiara and hot pink boa solo 😉

I also picked up RevAbs. If anybody looooves Beachbody products as much as me, I’ll keep you updated once I start it. I don’t want to overdo it with my running and everything, but I’m excited to try it out and also, maybe, become Mrs. Brett Hoebel.

It’s late here so I’ll leave you with a Hawaiian sunset and I promise I’ll be back sooner than last time! Good night!!



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2 responses to “Guess who’s back…

  1. Glad you’re back… I just came back from a long break myself 🙂 Good luck on the training!

    • Thanks! 2.02 miles down, a zillion to go.
      I know, I saw you were back, I was wondering where you went 🙂 Sometimes it feels good to charge your batteries.

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