Great expectations…

Hey guys! Just popping in to let you guys know that I am signed up for my first *official* race ever! Kind of excited, I gotta tell you. I’ll be running the Great Aloha Run this year! While I’ve been here for coming up on four years, you’d think I’d have already done this, but for some reason, the race planners always have it on President’s Day and I never have off. I traded my MLK day with my co-worker to get President’s Day (cuz that’s how I roll up in this piece).

For those of you who know about Oahu (which I sure didn’t before I came. The pilot told us that you could see Diamondhead clearly on Oahu during the descent and I panicked because I thought I was moving to Hawaii and why the hell were we landing on Oahu. I am the dumbest smart person ever.), the Great Aloha Run spans from Aloha Tower (you can click the link to see it. It’s a lighthouse that says Aloha on it.) to Aloha Stadium (no sarcasm on this one; this is Hawaii’s football stadium where the Pineapple Bowl is played). It’s 8.5 miles and YOU GET A T-SHIRT for finishing! I’d mine coal for 30 years if it got me a t-shirt. Ask my husband, this is the complete truth.

So, I have to up my mileage slowly seeing as I need to run 8.5 miles and most mornings I can barely push out 3. At least I have that going for me 🙂 So, lots of training going on in 2011. On that note, I have to get to bed so I can get up for my run in the A.M. Good night and see you soon with some goals for the new year and how I keep my diet on track (expect during the month of December, where all I did was gorge myself with chocolates and gingerbread. No guilt, just honest reflection on that one).


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