Party like it’s 2011…

Hey guys! I’m so sad to see the weekend go! Today was mellow. We hung out with the puppy until it was time for church. She always looks like we’re abandoning her:

What a sad face. And yes, she’s perched on top of the couch. So weird. I should be sorry about the crappy Blackberry pics lately, but I’m not 🙂 A lot of the reason that I took some time off was that in the midst of cooking, working out, going to work and loving on the fam, I felt like all the uploading and downloading and everything with the blog was becoming a production. I want to hang out with you guys, but I also want a life. The Crackberry is easier for me, so please bear with me. After church, we came home and devoured some lunch (tuna sammies and soup. More on my lack of food stuff in a later post). Ben needed a haircut and I needed my nasty runner-in-training feet scraped, filed, soaked and did up, so my love gave me some coffee:

And some cash and I drove myself over to the pedi place. Which is a feat unto itself because I don’t drive. I have a license, but we share a car and for the past (almost) four years, I kinda just get chauffeured around and now I can’t be bothered to drive. Now, when I get behind the wheel, I become this crazy road-raging maniac with no patience or common courtesy. At least my toes look cute:

They’re…simian. But hey, I like ’em and they take me where I need to go. The rest of the evening has been spent doing Yoga for Runners, cooking my behind off and watching The Expendables (why are action movies so dark? I can never see what’s going on…).

So, all around the blog world I’m seeing people’s aspirations for the next year. Last year, I started a new tradition of making a list and writing down things I wanted to pray about. I  looked over last year’s to see what was answered, what I saw in motion and what I wanted to reevaluate. It’s easy to see a year later what you wanted and perhaps why it wasn’t so good.

Here on the blog, of course I won’t share that list, but I can share some goals with you! I don’t make resolutions, per say. I feel like I try to catch bad habits and whatnot during the year and correct them at that point. But, I do have goals that I’d like to see happen in 2011:

  • Run my first half-marathon – ’nuff said. After kicking smoking, I’ve been surprised at how cathartic running is. I’m training for the cutest half-marathon and may be ready for a full one next year.
  • Mix up my fitness routine – Once I started going to the gym, I worked out of my Oxygen magazines. I like to lift weights, but I’m really shy in the gym and I feel like I wasn’t making progress because I was self-conscious. I’ve decided to switch it up with the running, more outdoors stuff, RevAbs and restarting The New Rules of Lifting for Women (at possibly a new gym. Although I saw the Rock while working out (and yes, he’s huge, so hot and totally dreamy, even while sweaty), I need an environment that is better for me.)
  • Read my Bible all the way through – my church is big on journaling and really getting into the Word every day and I’d like to do that.
  • Get involved with volunteering/ministry – Last year, I had a lot of opportunities to get involved with different causes and I never really dove in. I’m most interested in Habitat for Humanity and finding a small group within my church, either for women or couples or something. I don’t know, I’ll keep an eye out 😉
  • Care for the blog a little more – I’d like to get this little baby blog going. I have so many things that I want to do this year and I want to share it all with you! I want to do some giveaways, get to know you guys and post a little more regularly.

So, there you have it. Those are my goals for 2011. Feel free to help keep me accountable, will ya? Have a good night and see ya tomorrow 🙂



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5 responses to “Party like it’s 2011…

  1. Just found your blog-Love!!!!

  2. Hey there, I love that one of your positive ideas for 2011 has to do with volunteering. I am actively looking for opportunities so if you’d like to share a volunteer day with me I’m totally down. I spent a year working for a homeless services center when I lived in Orlando, & I can’t help but notice what an incredible issue it is here . Every time I go for a walk or run I am exposed to how much help is needed. I’m planning on making a list of places to volunteer from & I’ll email it to you. If you’re interested in any of them let me know 🙂

    • That sounds great! I’ll keep an eye out for your e-mail 😀

      Homelessness is definitely a huge issue here; more so as the mainland ships people here!!! So, not only do we have Hawaii homeless, but we have mainlanders as well.

  3. Great Goals for 2011! I actually ran the marathon in Houston in 2003, but I really want to get back into shape.

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