Drugstore Steals and Duds…

Hey everybody! Hope you had a great day today. We enjoyed a nice relaxing Saturday, sticking to our budget with great leftover food  and a Redbox movie. We saw What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It was cute, sad and funny. And my man liked it too, so it was a double score.



One of my favorite meal budget tips, at least for couples, is to always make recipes for 4. That way, you’ll have planned leftovers for the next day. Lunch was leftover pork loin, rice and roasted green beans with parm and red pepper flakes. Dinner was Mama Pea’s Pad Thai (covered in Sriracha) from her cookbook “Peas and Thank You”. I DEFINITELY recommend it. I’ve never made a recipe that she’s created that turned out bad. Ever. She has angel hands 🙂

I love designer products. I have Bvlgari’s Green Tea shower gel and love the way it smells. I also love Clinique products. Since dollars are tight and we have no malls here, I’ve been transitioning over to drugstore brands. Some are great and some…not so great. I’ll share products with you from time to time. Please understand that these companies do not know I exist and are not paying me 🙂

This is definitely a steal! Wyoming, compared to Hawaii, is very dry. If I don’t drink enough water or use a great moisturizer, my skin and lips get flaky. But I HATE having greaseball skin. This lotion sinks in quick and doesn’t have an offensive smell. I’m now addicted.

This product was a mistake, and rightly so! DUD! I love St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub, and I grabbed this thinking it was it. I only realized later that it was their cleanser. I decided to try it out anyway, since I love new products. This facial cleanser made me break out BIG time. I gave it chance after chance and it’s going in the trash. Back to Cetaphil for the winter 🙂

What drugstore skincare products do you swear by? I love Cetaphil, Purpose gentle cleanser for summertime and Dove soap for my body. I have oily skin and it makes me feel clean, but not all tight, dry and flaky.

I have such exciting stuff coming up in the workout department 🙂 Check back in next week to see what I have planned! Also, tomorrow, I’ll post our Weekly Treat. Have a great night!


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