I’m back again!

Whew, I took a big break there, didn’t I? Our move to Wyoming has been…a lesson. I thought after we’d relocated, we’d just pick up where we left off in life in a new town. Boy, was I wrong! Our routine has been irrevocably altered and I’m struggling with getting into a new groove.

HOWEVER! I’ve made some lofty goals for this year and I’m determined to get back in action, new action ūüėČ I’ll share my progress with you, focusing on what Zucchini Bikini Martini has been about all along – eating healthy,¬†working out¬†and having a beverage or two.

Goals I’m starting on this month? Doing a healthy detox and¬†practicing the entire Ashtanga Primary series. I’ll fill you in on more details later on today, but I’ve chosen The Crazy Sexy Diet detox for numerous reasons. If you have the book, have been thinking about doing a healthy cleanse and don’t know where to start or just got inspired, feel free to join me! I’m starting on Monday and I’m going to prep this week.

As for the Primary series, I LOVED my yoga practice in Hawaii. While it was expensive for me to go to my studio, I made time for it as much as possible because I loved it. Well, we don’t have a studio like that here. We DO have one called Wyoga¬†(props for the cool name), but they don’t have Ashtanga¬†classes listed. So, I’m practicing at home. If you’re new to yoga, I recommend getting your buns into a studio, because you should know how the poses feel and how to do them correctly, but if you can’t and can only watch videos, they do have a few great ones on YouTube. I’m using a book called Astanga Yoga & Meditation, which you may be able to get on Amazon or at your local library. It’s a great refresher and has helpful tips.

So, like I said, I’ll be back this afternoon with more info, but I’d really like for you guys to get involved!


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