Detox time

Told you I’d be back, just didn’t say how long! I had a pretty busy day at the dentist’s office. They gave me some sweet swag:

dentist swag

But it still doesn’t make up for the fact that I need fillings 🙂

So, about that detox 😉 The Crazy Sexy Diet detox is a vegan and green drink-based detox. I specifically chose it because it’s healthy, you’re not supposed to be starving and I love that it includes fasting, meditation, exercise and holistic tips like dry-brushing.

While I will NOT be getting enemas (TMI? But, really. No.), I do want to focus on the spirituality as well as diet portion. As a Christian, it’s pretty easy to tailor this to my lifestyle. Especially the fasting every Sunday. I did a Daniel fast maybe 2 years ago and really felt like I lost out on what the fast was about because I was so stressed about what I wasn’t supposed to be eating. A day I can handle.

I’m also going to come out and say this detox will be followed, um, loosely. I am the only person in the blogosphere that hates green juice. I don’t mind tossing some spinach or romaine in there, but 8 stalks of celery in my “green lemonade” makes me want to yak. I’ll work my way up to it, but expect a mixture of different juices. I’ll also avoid coffee and eschew dairy, but if a little gluten makes it’s way in here or there, I’m not going to stress about it. I have no gluten issues, so it won’t kill me anyway.

For exercise, expect a lot of yoga and TurboJam. I keeping it simple at home for the time being so I don’t have to worry about a workout schedule without my usual glut of protein. I’d rather just take it easy and honor my body.

I did spend the day looking through my cookbooks for some recipe ideas and will share those with you tomorrow.

Anybody fasted before? Or had a successful detox? Are you a green juice lover?


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