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Cocktail and Nibbles: Dirty Martinis and Prosciutto Wrapped Melon

***We have no bars here. At least, not like Hawaii. And there’s no hangout or place that everyone goes to. So, each Friday, I’ll provide you a drink recipe and a pupu pairing! It’s up to you to get your party started šŸ™‚ ***

Happy Aloha Friday, everyone!! I believe in celebrating the little things. Use that special perfume, wear that sexy underwear, use those little samples you get that you’re saving…you never know what tomorrow will hold!

Since my husband works so hard, I like a little party when he gets home on the weekends. Today, we had my favorite (and part of this blog’s namesake) – a dirty martini!

So, here’s what you’ll need:

Vodka (I’m a StoliĀ girl, but Absolut was on sale and I’m on a budget each week), vermouth, a shaker, ice, olives and martini glasses.

Long long ago, I was a bartender. Here’s a little trick for you – to chill your glasses, fill them with ice and water or club soda while you mix your drinks. Dump it before you fill your glasses, and there’s your chilled glass:

Fill your shaker with ice, pour in your vermouth and shake it like it owes you money. Then? Strain it out! The best tip I’ve ever gotten was to “walk your ice by your vermouth”. Don’t leave it in. I can taste it when you do and it’s not to fun.

Take your vermouth-y ice and pour in your vodka. I’m liberal with it, but that’s just me. Again, shake the crap out of it. You want it icy cold. Here’s my next trick. Pour your martinis into the glasses and THEN add the olive juice. Then, you can adjust it to taste. Stir it up, plop in your olives (I went with smoked gouda stuffed olives. Olive heaven) and you’re set!

For our pupu, I wanted something classy, classic and simple. To parallel the salty, I chose prosciutto wrapped melon wedges. I have very low blood pressure, so this was totally okay in my book. Simply cut your melon into wedges, take the rinds off and wrap each one in a slice of prosciutto:

This is heaven. Salty, fruity, briny heaven. To set the mood, I choose the Dean Martin channel on Pandora. I love loveĀ love Dino, Sinatra and other crooners and this has such a rat pack vibe to it. Wonderful.

What’s your go-to drink and pupu?Ā In Hawaii, we used to go to a wonderful outdoor bar and get dirty stoliĀ martinis and their steakĀ pupu. I cannot even describe this sauce – maybe a garlicky caesar? But more peppery? They sliced in thin and served it with jasmine rice and chopsticks. GREAT ending to a long workday.


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